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Kitchenall stocks a great variety of commercial gas restaurant stove models - you can find the perfect one for your kitchen. Commercial ranges and commercial gas ovens are often the most important single piece of kitchen equipment.


We have ranges from leading brands like Standard Range, Cookline, Migali, Atosa CookRite, and Turbo Air Radiance. Our commercial gas ranges let you cook breakfast foods, grill burgers and steaks, and make different types of food all on the same unit.


Ideal for diners, restaurants, and cafeterias that demand kitchen reliability and efficiency, these high-volume heavy-duty commercial gas stoves are designed to keep chefs feeding customers no matter how busy a shift is.

Check out our site or contact us for the best price on any gas range, stove, or oven.


  • High-quality construction lasts for years

  • Easy connection for liquid propane or natural gas units

  • Efficient convection ovens for low energy consumption

  • Convenient storage bases

  • Easy-to-clean surfaces help cook faster

  • Precision burners for the perfect flame

  • Automatic safety shutoff and oven door locks

  • Easy-to-reach back burner on selected step-up gas restaurant ranges and commercial stoves

How to choose the best commercial range?

Cooking needs

What type of food menu items will you be preparing? Will you be using the oven for baking, roasting, or broiling? Different models have different specialties, so choose one that aligns with your cooking style.

Size and layout

Will it fit in your kitchen? Can it handle the largest pots and pans? Consider the number of burners on the range top, griddle space, and the number of ovens. Also, consider the fuel source - do you want a propane or natural gas range?

Efficiency and durability

Is the product energy-efficient and environmentally friendly? Will it withstand everyday use over time? Sturdy cast iron grates, adjustable temperature controls, and raised cooking surfaces make Kitchenall's gas ranges even more reliable.

After considering these factors, you can select the best commercial gas stove for your food service business. 

Why buy a commercial gas range, stove or oven from Kitchenall?

  • Top-quality products from commercial kitchen experts

  • Various sizes, burner, and oven layouts

  • Save money with our competitive prices

  • Receive your order quickly with our fast delivery service

  • 12-month warranty on all gas ranges, stoves, and ovens

  • Get a 5% discount! Pay by check or bank transfer.

Are you tired of cooking, grilling, and baking on different pieces of equipment? Discover the easy way with Kitchenall - and cook everything in one place!