Commercial Refrigerators

Bar Refrigeration

Keep beer, wine, and cocktails at the perfect ready to serve temperature with the right commercial bar refrigeration equipment.

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Reach-In Refrigerators

Keep your food and ingredients fresh with Kitchenall range of high performance commercial reach in refrigerators. Kitchenall commercial upright freezers are ideal for restaurants, grocery stores, supermarkets, and all food businesses.

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Glass Door Refrigerators

Display cold soda, drings, salads and dairy in a commercial glass door merchandiser refrigerator. Sliding door or swing glass door merchandising coolers are a popular choice for bakeries, coffee shops, cafes, supermarkets and delis.

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Sandwich & Salad Prep Tables

We have a wide selection of salad, sandwich and pizza prep refrigerators available at the best prices for sale. These units come with poly cutting boards and stainless steel roll tops to enhance practicality in your establishment. You can choose from back mount units, side mount, self contained or models with a remote compressor.

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Undercounter Refrigerators, Worktop

Kitchenall range of undercounter refrigerators will maximize space in your establishment, and make it easier for your staff to access products. We have worktop refrigerators that are ideal for bars, restaurants, and other food service establishment where quick access to cold snacks and drinks is a priority.

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Chef Base Refrigerators

The right commercial chef base fridge will help streamline your kitchen workflow by keeping cold ingredients close at hand. Browse our huge selection of chef base coolers and refrigerators to improve your kitchen operation.

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Pizza Prep Refrigerators

Streamline your pizza assembly process with a refrigerated pizza prep table. We stock sizes from 4 ft to 8 ft and even up to 10 ft. Kitchenall delivers a wide range of pizza prep stations that incorporate additional storage for ingredients and a cutting board.

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Walk In Coolers & Refrigerators

Commercial walk-in refrigeration is a great way to keep fresh foods and ingredients safe and accessible. These units are best suited for restaurants, hotels, and health care facilities. Keep all products that need to be accessed frequently in a walk-in cooler and save time in your operation.

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Salad Bar Refrigerators

Retain optimum temperatures, freshness, and taste with a commercial refrigerated salad bar. These cold buffet tables will keep your vegetables, desserts, and fruits chilled for longer. Shop our selection of employee service units, cafeteria-style salad display cases, as well as units with glass sneeze guards.

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School Milk Coolers

Provide safe storage and quick access to milk, juice, iced tea and other beverages with a commercial school milk cooler. These units are especially perfect for schools because they keep beverages cool and allow easy access.

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Compact Refrigerator

Conveniently store beer and other refreshing cold beverages with a small commercial refrigerator. These units are designed for small establishments and businesses with scant floor spaces because they occupy limited space.

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Medical Refrigerators

Floral Cooler & Refrigerator

Top products from Commercial Refrigerators

Food storage in commercial kitchens and restaurants can be clean and efficient using our commercial refrigerators, chillers or freezers. Our range includes bar refrigerators, reach or walk-in units as well as glass-fronted and countertop equipment for light or heavy-duty.

What commercial refrigeration brand is the best?

There are dozens of commercial refrigeration and freezer brands out there, and hundreds of competing products to choose from. Most foodservice customers - especially new entrepreneurs - find it hard to pinpoint the right unit from this variety of choice. At Kitchenall we want to make buying easy. So you'll find a recommended brand label next to our favorite refrigeration Brands, including Coldline and Marchia, who offer a mix of quality and price that we have yet to see anyone else beat.

What is the best commercial refrigerator for me?

The right refrigeration system for commercial kitchens should sufficiently meet the cold holding needs of your bar, convenience store, or foodservice location. Kitchenall delivers dozens of high performance commercial refrigeration to streamline operations and increase efficiency in your establishment. If you are having a difficult wading through this immense product choice, talk to one of our friendly customer service representatives at 917-525-2066 for help finding the perfect unit(s) for your needs.