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Commercial Electric Steam Tables

Keep hot food ready for serving in a buffet or cafeteria line with an electric steam table. Commercial steam tables help streamline operations and increase efficiency because they keep food fresh and safe over a period of time. With the right steam table, your kitchen staff do not have to prepare a meal each time there’s a new buffet customer, which would be very costly and impractical. These units are named after the manner in which they keep food warm. Instead of applying heat directly to the bottom of food pans, which can cause overheating and costly wastage, buffet steam tables heat water in a well to release steam that evenly and gently heats the bottom of food pans. These units are perfect for cafeterias, catered events, buffets, and other types of foodservice establishments. If you are wondering where to purchase the highest quality electric hot food tables for commercial use, you have come to the right place.

Portable electric steam tables have a cord and plug for easy installation. These units are available in a wide variety of product options. Models with an open base are ideal if you want to fit equipment or storage bins underneath, while hot food tables with undershelves can make it easier for you to organize supplies. Some units come with an enclosed base, which can provide extra storage space and prevent your items from falling off. Open well tables offer the flexibility to either use moist or dry heat, while sealed well steam tables eliminate the need for spillage pans. Electric restaurant steam tables may have two or more compartments to suit the volume of food that you plan to serve. Browse our inventory and find a high quality stainless steel steam table to meet the needs of your establishment.

Product Options for Electric Steam Tables

Commercial electric steam tables can be categorized by product type (mobile or stationary), well type, base style, and control type.

Stationary vs mobile steam tables

Mobile food steam tables come with casters so they can be set up in a temporary buffet or self-service area in any location. Stationary steam tables are highly stable and durable units that are ideal for use in permanent buffet restaurants or cafeterias.

Electric steam tables by well type

  • ☐  Open Well -  tables with an open well can be used with or without spillage pans for moist heating and dry heating respectively.
  • ☐  Sealed Well - these steam tables do not require spillage pans because water can be added directly to the well, as well as emptied via the drain when needed.
  • ☐  Halo Heat - halo heat radiates from the base and the upper canopy to evenly heat food without the need for steam.

We have 2, 3, 4, and 5 well steam tables available in the Kitchenall inventory. Choose the number of wells depending on the volume of food that you need to keep warm in your buffet line.

Electric steam tables by base style

  • ☐  Enclosed - these units have a solid wall design for a uniform appearance and to provide secure storage space for stashing your extra supplies.
  • ☐  Undershelf Base - tables with an undershelf base provide extra storage space for supplies, pans, and ingredients in order to maximize productivity.

  • ☐  Open Base - these units free up floor space and make it easy to clean underneath the unit. On the contrary, they do not provide any storage space below the steam table.

Infinite control vs thermostatic control steam tables

Some models come with thermostatic controls that allow you to set a precise temperature reading to ensure consistency in your dishes. Infinite controls have less precise temperature control but are less prone to mechanical failures compared to the more advanced thermostatic models.

Your trusted supplier of commercial cooking equipment

Kitchenall delivers an extensive range of buffet steam tables so you can find the right unit to meet the needs of your establishment. We carry models from BK Resources, Global, Eagle Group, L&J MFG, and other top brands. Equip your foodservice location with heavy duty restaurant equipment from Kitchenall today. Wholesale pricing is available with same day nationwide shipping out of our New York location. Need help finding the best portable hot food table for your kitchen? Contact a commercial foodservice expert at 917-525-2066 for personalized service to get started. At Kitchenall, we're always here to help you!

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