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Commercial Food Holding and Warming Equipment

Keep food warm until service time with Kitchenall high-performance food warmers and holding equipment.  These units are an essential investment in your foodservice outlet because no customer wants their dish served cold. We have a selection of bread proofing cabinets, countertop food warmers, drawer warmers, heat lamps, soup kettles, and other equipment that will maintain prepared food items at the appropriate serving temperatures. Keep things warm, crisp, moist, hot, and ‘just right’ ready for serving. Restaurant food warmers are perfect for parties, concession stands, buffets, catering, and other foodservice businesses. Whether you are looking for a steam table or a meal delivery cart, we have a wide range of buffet warmers available at the lowest prices possible.

Commercial food warmers keep your food at safe temperatures and transport it to where it needs to be. Kitchenall offers a wide variety of product construction, configurations, and price points to meet different food storage needs. Whether you are looking for an electric food warmer to hold french fries at a fast food establishment, or a cook and hold oven for your catered events, Kitchenall is your one-stop shop.

Our range of high quality warmers includes the following equipment categories.

  • ☐  Steam tables - commercial steam tables keep hot and cold food items preserved and ready to be served. These units are ideal for self-service buffet lines and catered events. Kitchenall steam tables are available in both gas and electricity operated models.

  • ☐  Bread proofing cabinets - these units control temperature and humidity for proper dough rising, which makes them a valuable piece of equipment for bakeries, pizzerias, catering operations, sandwich shops, and pizza parlors. Proofing cabinets will hold your cooked food at an ideal temperature and proof your bread. We have electric floor model proofing cabinets from Intermetro, Moffat, Toastmaster, and other top brands.

  • ☐  Countertop food warmers - Kitchenall commercial countertop warmers are ideal for keeping premade soups, chile, sides, fries, pretzels, condiments, and other prepped food items warm till they are ready to eat. These units come in a variety of sizes and types to meet the needs of your foodservice establishment.

  • ☐  Drawer warmers - Keep food ready to serve and out of the food temperature danger zone with commercial drawer warmers. Our warming drawers are electricity operated and come in countertop configurations of various sizes.

  • ☐  Heat lamps - these can be placed or clamped over prepared food to keep it warm till it’s ready for pickup. Heat lamps are available in table mounted, countertop, strip and hanging configurations. We carry an extensive range of countertop heat lamps from Marchia, Cecilware, Global, Nemco, and other top brands. Choose a compact size (as small as 12”) or a large unit (up to 72”) to match your precise food holding needs.

  • ☐  Soup kettles - our soup kettles and commercial soup warmers make it easier for your staff to serve soup and sauces at the perfect temperature. These units are ideal for cafeterias, delis, buffets, restaurants, concession stands, and other quick-service establishments. We carry soup kettle warmers from Prepline, Winco, and other top brands. Many models available in the Kitchenall inventory are extra durable for long term dependability.

Choosing the right food warmer

Finding the right hot holding equipment can make your back-of-house workflow smoother and more efficient. These units allow you to prep ahead of time and make use of prepared foods. Items like soup warmers and kitchen drawer warmers will keep food at safe temperatures ready for serving to your customers.

Most food service outlets need some form of food warming equipment because it is hardly practical to cook each customer’s meal to order. Here are a few pointers that should help you find the right hot food equipment.

Heated holding cabinets (with or without humidity) help keep food warm and fresh. When shopping for one of these units, pay attention to the door type, energy efficiency, and unit size. Units with glass or polycarbonate doors allow you to keep track of the food you are holding while insulated models provide better energy efficiency. If you will be holding pizza, special units that come equipped with pizza pans and boxes are available.

When looking for a drawer warmer, pay attention to the configuration, the number of drawers and controls. Most models can hold a full-size pan in each drawer. Some drawer warmers come with extra humidity controls that help keep food fresh and moist

Heat lamps are available in a wide range of styles and sizes. Strip styled lamps are typically designed to heat large areas. Keep in mind that most heat lamps are designed to keep food warm for a temporary duration, not long term.

Note: When shopping for commercial food warmers, the goal is to find a piece of equipment that can fulfill the requirements of your establishment, so pay attention to the kind of product options/features you will be needing.

Kitchenall delivers an extensive variety of cooking equipment so you can keep all types of food warm and moist. Browse our premium collection of steam tables, food warming display cases, countertop food warmers, full size warmers, bread proofing cabinets, kitchen drawer warmers, soup kettles, heat lamps, and strip warmers. We carry heavy duty models from BK Resources, Eagle Group, Global, Intermetro, Moffat, Toastmaster, Coldline, Cookline, Marchia, Skyfood (Fleetwood), Prepline, Prince Metal, Winco, Cecilware, Nemco, and other leading brands. Orders ship out within 24 hours from our New York warehouses. Serve up food or soups hot and fresh to keep customers satisfied in your establishment. If you need help finding the perfect food warming equipment for the perfect insulated food holding equipment, contact a commercial foodservice expert at 917-525-2066 for personalized service to get started.

Trusted supplier of commercial cooking equipment

Kitchenall is an exclusive supplier of restaurant supplies. We also stock a wide range of professional hot holding equipment, display cases, merchandising refrigerators, coffee equipment, food preparation units, and other commercial kitchen supplies. We carry most of the major brands of commercial foodservice equipment. Our products are available at wholesale pricing for restaurant customers across the country. Orders ship out same day from our New York warehouses. Equip your foodservice location with high quality commercial food warmers from Kitchenall. Have questions? Contact one of our commercial foodservice experts at 917-525-2066.

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