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Commercial Soup Kettles & Warmers

Serve soup and sauces at the perfect temperature range with a countertop soup kettle and commercial soup warmer. A commercial soup kettle is a valuable addition to any commercial kitchen because it keeps stew, hot chili, nacho cheese, sauce and other foods hot and above danger zone temperatures. Many restaurant soup warmers have a vintage or profound polished look, which makes them an inviting addition to your buffet line. Soup kettles are ideal for cafeterias, restaurants, buffets, delis, and concession stands that need to preserve the quality and freshness of their hot fondue. Warm up your customers with a steaming bowl of warm soup to beat the cold on those freezing days. If you are wondering where to get the best commercial soup kettle cooker to suit the needs of your kitchen, you have come to the right place. We have a wide range of electric soup kettles available at the lowest prices.

Commercial soup kettle warmers are available in a variety of capacities, styles, and constructions. Choose a low-capacity model to suit the needs of a low-volume establishment, or store 10 liters of ready-to-serve liquid food with our higher capacity models. Many soup merchandisers in the Kitchenall inventory are built with stainless steel that is durable and easy to clean for dependable long-term service. Compact countertop food warmers allow simple plug-and-play use on top of existing counters or table tops. Drop-in soup kettles are perfect for permanent buffets and serving lines. Since these units keep most of the unit below the serving area, they require very little clearance above.

Kitchenall delivers an extensive range of electric soup warmers so you can the find perfect unit for your commercial establishment. Many of our soup warmers are created from durable stainless steel for dependable service over the long term. We carry models from Global, Prepline, Winco, and other top brands. Wholesale pricing is available on most stainless steel soup warmers with same day nationwide shipping out of our New York warehouses. Need help finding the perfect electric soup cooker for your restaurant? Contact a commercial foodservice expert at 917-525-2066 for personalized service to get started.

Product Options/Considerations

The right soup cooker warmer should help streamline operations and increase efficiency in your commercial kitchen or buffet line. One major consideration when shopping for soup kettles is the volume and types of soup you intend to sell. You want to find a unit that is the right capacity to meet your volume needs. Below are some major factors to weigh when looking for an electric soup kettle for either display use or back of the house applications.

Product type

Soup warmers are available in three different product configurations.

  • Countertop - these are portable units that can go virtually anywhere. Countertop soup warmers can be used in both front-of-house showcase applications, as well as in the back of the house.
  • Merchandisers - these kettles are perfect for displaying your soups or stews so that guests can serve themselves. Many soup merchandisers feature an inviting design because they are a focal point for your establishment.
  • Drop-in - these models are installed permanently into existing tables or counters, eliminating the any of the kettle being knocked over and creating a uniform streamlined look in your establishment.

Product design

Commercial soup kettle warmers are available in two major designs. There’s the round type that features a simple, utilitarian shape for back-of-house use, as well as soup kettles that are visually appealing with an attractive vintage look. Most warmers are created from stainless steel that is durable, corrosion-resistant, and easy to clean.

Number of wells and capacity

Most commercial soup kettles have 1-3 wells, which allows you to serve different types of stew, soup, or chilli. Each well has its own set capacity (usually in the range of 4-9 quarts). Given that each quart has approximately three 10-ounce servings, you should be able to find a unit that can meet the anticipated volume in your business.

Dispensing type

Some models have a pump dispenser that is ideal for one handed use. Pump dispensing kettles are easy to use and remove any need for serving utensils. Soup warmers may also have a serving ladle that makes it easy for your staff to quickly dip large servings.

Specialty options

Different soup warmers come with various options. It’s important to pay attention to the specific features a soup kettle has so you can make the best choice for your purchase. Some models have a signage area that draws customers’ attention. With these models, it may be possible to use your own branded materials to showcase the name of soup that’s on offer for the day.

Some freestanding soup merchandisers ship complete with lighted canopies, cup, menu boards, and bowl dispensers. These are self-sufficient kiosks that can be placed anywhere for merchandise use.

To protect delicate controls from heat-related damage, many models have remote controls. Some specialized soup warmers known as induction warmers provide outstanding control and versatility, as well as use a small percentage of the energy that other warmers would use. Various other types of soup warmers can be programmed depending on the type of food that’s being held.

Your Exclusive Supplier of Commercial Kitchen Equipment

Kitchenall is an exclusive supplier of commercial restaurant supplies. We stock a wide range of professional soup kettles, steam tables, bread proofing cabinets, countertop food warmers, drawer warmers, heat lamps, and other commercial kitchen equipment. We carry most of the major brands of commercial foodservice equipment. Shop our durable collection of stainless steel commercial soup kettle warmers for your restaurant at Kitchenall New York. Find great deals on soup warmers today! Have questions? Contact one of our commercial foodservice experts at 917-525-2066.


Common Questions for Commercial Soup Kettle Warmers

What is the best commercial soup kettle cooker?

Finding the best soup warmer is a balancing act. You want to find the right unit to meet to meet the needs of your establishment. Pay attention to the number of wells available in the kettle, the capacity (in quarts) of each well, the size of the kettle, what temperature control is available, and other specific product features. If you have any difficulty finding the perfect unit for your business, contact a Kitchenall commercial food expert at 917-525-2066 for professional guidance.

Drop-in vs countertop soup kettles

Drop-in soup warmers are perfect for buffets and permanent serving lines. These units keep the bulk of the kettle below the serving area so they occupy less space above. Countertop soup kettles are portable units that are ideal for plug-and-play use on top of existing tables or counter tops. These units require clearance to allow serving under sneeze guards.

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