Commercial Pizza Prep Tables & Refrigerators

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Kitchenall has the best refrigerated pizza prep tables to help you take your pizzeria or food service business to the next level with superb results!

Browse this page for pizza prep refrigerators from top brands: Coldline, Migali, Arctic Air, Turbo Air, Leader, Atosa, Everest, Blue Air, and more.

We stock a wide range of pizza prep stations, and most models incorporate additional storage for ingredients and a cutting board.


  • Refrigerated compartment: prevent cross-contamination by keeping prepped/unprepped toppings and food items separate, cool, and ready to use.

  • Stainless steel inside and out: easy to clean and corrosion-resistant.

  • Precise digital controls: ensure pizzas come out perfect every time.

  • Storage for food pans: keep toppings, ingredients, and sauces instantly accessible to add to pizzas faster and increase kitchen efficiency.

Whether you are a small pizzeria, a cafe serving sandwiches, or a large pizza outlet, Kitchenall has the right commercial pizza preparation refrigerator to increase your kitchen efficiency.

Shop models with multiple sections and energy-efficient units at the lowest prices.

How to choose the best pizza prep refrigerator?

  • First, consider size and capacity. Ensure the fridge can store all your necessary ingredients and has room for potential expansion. Refrigerated pizza prep tables come in various sizes and configurations. Choose from compact-sized units as small as 35” long to larger units over 90” in length.

  • Next, think about the temperature range. A good pizza prep fridge should be able to reach temperatures as low as 20 degrees Fahrenheit but also have the option for warmer zones for items like cheese or sauces.

  • Finally, pay attention to the number of doors, shelves, and storage options. It's helpful to have adjustable shelving/sections to store different sizes of containers, as well as drawers to sort smaller items.

With these factors in mind, you'll be able to choose the perfect pizza prep refrigerator for your business.

Why buy a pizza prep table/refrigerator from Kitchenall?

  • Wide range of top-of-the-line pizza prep equipment in stock

  • Free shipping

  • Affordable price points and financing options

  • Easy contact form to instantly get a quote

  • Kitchenall products come with a 12-month warranty!

Need more details on how to get the best price on pizza prep refrigerators? Contact us today.