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Commercial Deep Fryer Accessories

Keep your commercial deep fryer in tip-top condition with cleaning tools, baskets, and other fryer parts and accessories. These parts are designed to keep your fryer operating efficiently for enhanced reliability in your foodservice establishment. Replacement parts and accessories are ideal for restaurants, diners, and fast-service food joints that heavily rely on a deep fryer. We carry filtration systems, wheels, stainless steel tops, cleaning tools, and more. Casters make it easier to move your fryer so you can clean underneath the unit, or for relocation purposes. Fryer parts such as connecting strips ensure that the unit is properly installed without any cracks or gaps that could pose a sanitation hazard. Professional cleaning parts help keep the unit clean so you can consistently serve hygienic food to customers. Fryer screens, sediment trays, and other parts and accessories that help control the amount of food particles are especially important.

Stock up on replacement fryer parts and accessories, so you can keep producing french fries, blooming onions, chicken wings, and other customer delicacies. If you are looking for a specific deep fryer part, you have come to the right place. Kitchenall is your trusted supplier of commercial kitchen equipment. Whether you are looking to fix a broken equipment, or simply upgrade your existing units, we have got you covered. All units ship out within 24 hours from our New York location. Need help finding the perfect fryer for your kitchen? Contact a commercial foodservice expert at 917-525-2066 for personalized service to get started. At Kitchenall, we're always here to help you!


Choosing the right fryer parts and accessories protects your investment in various ways:

  • Reliability - high-quality parts available on Kitchenall are designed to withstand the heavy demands of your kitchen. Whether your fryer is in continuous service for thousands of hours, or operates in very high temperature conditions, these replacement parts will offer the best value for money. Ensure a smooth operation of your kitchen, and extend the lifetime of your expensive equipment with Kitchenall replacement parts and accessories for deep fryers.

  • Safety - the safety of your employees is a paramount consideration when selecting equipment for your commercial kitchen. Low quality and generic parts and accessories are likely to increase safety and liability fine risks. Considered that deep fryers operate at very high temperatures, a faulty thermostat or heating element could affect the health of your employee. High quality parts available on Kitchenall are designed to maintain a controlled environment so they can protect your employees and the structures in your kitchen.

  • Efficiency - since these parts hasten operating intervals and heat oil quicker, they help cut down on energy consumption. They also ensure that unit operates perfectly well, keeping batches of consistent product quality produced at a quick rate to optimize fuel use and keep customers satisfied.

High quality fryer parts and accessories

  • Joiner Strip - these are stainless steel connectors that are used to join two fryers together. Joiner strips help prevent oil and particles from going between the fryers, which can make your kitchen a little cleaner. While joiner strips may appear to be a luxury accessory, many foodservice establishments find they are indeed a necessity. You end up saving money since you don’t have to pay people to scrub grease off the sides of fryers.

  • Splash Guard/Fry Shield - since fried foods use a lot of oil, they can cause a lot of splatter on your floors, walls, and other equipment close by. Splash guards keep grease in your fryer pot and off walls. This simple accessory is a great way to keep oil from getting where you don’t want it, and make cleaning your equipment a whole lot easier. Fry shield parts available on Kitchenall are designed from stainless steel for rust resistance and long lasting durability.

  • Drain Cabinet - we carry drain cabinets that can be added to your freestanding gas or electric deep fryer. These are created from stainless steel that is corrosion-resistant and highly durable. They also have a drainer top section, and 6” chrome legs with adjustable feet.

  • Filter System - if you serve a lot of chicken wings, fried shrimp, cheese sticks and other fried delights, then your fryer is one of the hardest working pieces of kitchen equipment. The harder it works, the dirtier the oil gets. An oil filter system is a deep fryer accessory that cleans and filters your oil. This way, you can protect food flavor and ensure that you consistently supply customers with the best tasting cuisine. What’s more, an oil filter system also helps extend the life of expensive oil, and delays the time-consuming and often messy process of changing out cooking oil.

Fried foods are as insanely popular as they’ve ever been. A well-functioning deep fryer is needed to keep serving those scrumptious samples and entrees. Since your machine is such a hard worker, it’s pretty easy for components working behind the scenes to get a little greasy and at times even wear off. Repair and replacement parts available on Kitchenall will help keep your machine in excellent shape. We carry parts and accessories that are compatible with American Range, Global, and other top deep fryer brands. Contact a commercial foodservice expert at 917-525-2066 to find the right replacement unit for your fryer.

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