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Commercial Sausage Stuffers

Make fresh sausage links with a commercial sausage stuffer. The right professional sausage stuffer can bring a variety of benefits to your foodservice establishment. Sausage maker machines allow you to make your own links, which can be more cost efficient compared to purchasing them from a supplier. Industrial sausage makers are ideal for restaurants, delis, butcher shops, and other outlets. Offer sausage and jerky made in house and make your menu more appealing with a commercial grade sausage stuffer. Many of these units are easy to disassemble for convenient cleaning. If you are looking to buy the best sausage stuffer for your establishment, then you have come to the right place.


Commercial sausage stuffers come in a variety of configurations, as well as manual and electric models. Units are available in varying capacities to suit low, medium, and high-volume production needs. We have 6 lb horizontal sausage stuffers, 11 lb vertical sausage stuffers, and higher capacity 15  lb stuffers, among many other variations. This way, you can choose a machine that has just the right capacity to do the job. These units also come with funnels of differing sizes to make small, medium, or large links. A jetty shooter will make it possible to use the same machine to make jerky or sausage links. Many units come with a sturdy stainless steel construction, heavy duty funnels, and other features designed to enhance the reliability of the unit over the long run. Cut out the supplier and save money on professional sausage equipment.


Kitchenall delivers an extensive range of commercial sausage makers so you can find the right unit for the needs of your establishment. Many of our units are designed from heavy duty stainless steel and come with added features for long term dependability. We carry models from Omcan and other top sausage maker brands. Wholesale pricing is available and all orders ship out same day from our New York warehouses. Need help finding the perfect stuffer for your kitchen? Contact a commercial foodservice expert at 917-525-2066 for personalized service to get started. At Kitchenall, we're always here to help you!


Types of sausage stuffers


There are 3 basic types of sausage stuffers:


  • ☐  Horn sausage stuffers - only available in manual models, these sausage stuffers are typically made from cast iron that is plated with tin or chrome. Horn sausage stuffers may also be made from stainless steel. These units are generally meant for very low volume use - for kitchens that only need to make smaller batches. Horn sausage makers have low capacities ranging from 3 lbs to 5 lbs.

  • ☐  Horizontal sausage stuffers - this type of sausage stuffers are available in both manual and electric configuration. Horizontal stuffers feature a horizontally-mounted piston-like cylinder that holds seasoned ground meat. This stuffer extrudes the meat from the stuffing tube at the end of the cylinder whenever you turn the crank or switch on the electric motor. Manual units need to be positioned near the edge of a table or countertop to give the crank enough clearance to turn. Horizontal sausage makers are available in a range of capacities starting 5 lbs up to 20 lbs.

  • ☐  Vertical sausage stuffers - these are the most common type of commercial sausage machines. They are available in both manual and electric configurations. Vertical sausage stuffers come with a large vertically-positioned piston-like cylinder that holds the ground meat. The stuffer extrudes the meat at the bottom of the cylinder whenever you turn the hand crank or switch on the electric motor. Typically, these models have capacities ranging from 5 lbs to 15 lbs. Electric vertical models tend to have larger capacities than manual machines.


Manual vs electric sausage stuffers

Manual sausage stuffers have a crank that needs to be turned in order for the unit to work. These are best operated by two people - one to turn the crank and the other to feed the meat and fill the casings. Electric stuffers have an electric motor that takes care of the turning and are thus easier to use. Electric models - however - tend to be more expensive than manual models.


Choosing the right sausage stuffer

The right sausage stuffer should produce sausages that taste incredible, even better than store sourced ones. Below are product options you should put into consideration to make sure you select the best machine.


  • ☐  Construction type  - different sausage stuffers are created from different materials. Units built from stainless steel (or materials of a similar quality) tend to last long and provide more value for money. Because buying a sausage machine should be a long-term investment, you want to get a unit that’s made with sturdy material for long-term durability.

  • ☐  Speed options - speed is also an important option when it comes to picking a sausage stuffer. Some models have two-speed settings, which means that they allow your staff to quickly move the piston in order to fill the cylinder with meat. 2 speed stuffers are typically high capacity models that are designed for heavy duty commercial use.

  • ☐  Unit capacity - some units have a small capacity that can only be filled with a small volume of ground meat. This is especially the case with manual stuffers, budget electric stuffers or stuffer attachments for mixing machines. You want  a machine that can handle enough volume to meet the demand in your establishment. Browse units available on Kitchenall to pick a capacity ranging from 5 lbs to 25 lbs.

  • ☐  Cleaning and maintenance - a good sausage stuffer should be easy to clean and maintenance-friendly. If you are unable to clean the stuffer properly, pieces of ground meat may be stuck in an inaccessible part resulting in unpleasant odor and build up of bacteria. Many models make it easy to disassemble the key parts for thorough hand washing.


Trusted supplier of commercial foodservice equipment

Kitchenall is an exclusive supplier of commercial restaurant supplies. We stock a wide range of commercial sausage stuffers, meat slicers, blenders, juicers, and other food preparation supplies. We carry most of the major brands of commercial foodservice equipment. Our products are available at wholesale pricing for restaurant customers across the country. Orders ship out same day from our New York warehouses. Equip your foodservice location with high quality commercial grinders from Kitchenall.

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