Commercial Worktables & Shelving


Maximize prep space in your kitchen and store more with a stainless steel kitchen work table. Because they help organize your kitchen and streamline food prep operations, restaurant prep tables are a valuable piece of equipment for your establishment.

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Equipment Stands

Position cooking equipment like griddles and char broilers at just the right height with out heavy duty stainless equipment stands.

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Enclosed Cabinets

Stainless steel cabinets come in a wide range of sizes and can be made with or without doors or casters.

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Restaurant Shelving

Organize your restaurant and transport foods easier with commercial shelving, racks, and carts. Each stainless steel shelving unit is built to stand up to heavy use in any food service business.

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Stainless Countertops

Bring a durable and reliable food prep surface to your outlet with commercial stainless steel countertops. Provide a sturdy work surface for slicing fruits, chopping vegetables, tenderizing meats, or preparing sandwiches. Stainless countertops are ideal for restaurants, bakeries, cafeterias, and dining halls.

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Ingredient Storage Bins

Keep bulk amounts of flour, sugar, rice, and other dry goods fresh and uncontaminated with an ingredient storage bin.

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Hotel Pans & Food Storage Pans

Find the best food storage pans for your catered and buffet events. Browse Kitchenall for a wide selection of hotel pans and steam table pans for your foodservice business.

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Storage Racks

Organize your kitchen with stainless steel storage racks such as bun pan racks, can racks, dunnage racks, and pot racks.

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Kitchen Traffic Doors

Bring order to your food service establishment with commercial traffic doors. These products are an essential addition to your business because they divide large spaces into several sections to minimize noise and control the flow of traffic.

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Restaurant Service Cart

Transport goods and supplies easily with a durable utility and service cart on wheels. Find the best all-purpose carts and stainless steel foodservice carts with shelving options for your restaurant or kitchen

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Beverage Counters & Tables


Attached to your undercounter coolers/freezers, stainless steel worktables, encolosed cabinets etc to keep your walls clean and prevent kitchen supplies, water and ingredients from falling behind the unit. Its pre-drilled holes make it easy to install on the equipment.

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Electric Forklift Stackers

Electric Forklifts and pallet stackers for warehouse material handling.

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Manual Pallet Jacks

Heavy duty pallet jacks

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Top products from Commercial Worktables & Shelving

We carry a wide selection of stainless steel worktables, backsplash worktables, shelving, equipment stands, countertops, storage racks, fume hood filters and commercial swinging doors with custom sizes always available.