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Are you looking for an easy way to move loads around your kitchen/stockroom or other areas? Our pallet jacks are the perfect solution for even the toughest workplace environments. Need a narrow jack for tight spaces or a heavy-duty jack for large loads? Find the perfect one for your needs here.

We supply the HiLo JACK-4N Narrow Pallet Jack and 4S (standard) models with 4400 lb lifting capacity, ideal for moving loads in constricted areas. Choose between 22" or 27" widths - both will fit through standard doorways/hallways.

These manual (hand) pallet jacks are designed for moving heavy loads from one place to another.

HiLo manual pallet jacks carry the load on two forks that extend underneath the pallet. A hydraulic pump powers the forks that lift/lower the load.

The pallet jack moves forward or backward on sturdy wheels. These pallet jacks are ideal for warehouses and other storage settings.

Advantages of using manual pallet jacks

There are many advantages of using hand pallet jacks/pump trucks:

  • Easier to use than a forklift and requires no special training or license.

  • Less expensive than electric pallet jacks/walkie pallet jacks to purchase and maintain.

  • More maneuverable than forklifts.

  • Suitable indoors or outdoors.

  • Quieter than a powered pallet jack with an electric motor.

Main features of our manual pallet jacks

  • Heavy-duty manual pallet jack

  • Narrow/Standard forks

  • 4400 lbs load capacity

  • 3-position ergonomically designed handle

  • Integrated hydraulic pump cylinder

  • Fork width: 22"

  • Fork length: 45"

  • Maximum lift height: 7.5" (190 mm)

  • Minimum fork height: 2.95" (75 mm)

  • Durable load wheels with low rolling resistance


1. Do you offer warranties on your pallet jacks?

Yes, each hand pallet truck has a one-year warranty covering parts and labor.

2. How much weight can a manual pallet jack lift?

Our non-powered pallet jacks or pallet pumps have a load capacity of up to 4,400 lbs.

3. Do you need training for a manual pallet jack?

No, you do not need formal training to operate a manual pallet jack. It is easy! However, we recommend that you read the owner's manual before use.