Commercial Ranges & Industrial Stoves

Commercial Gas Ranges

Prepare breakfast foods, grill burgers and steaks, and make different types of food all on the same unit with a commercial gas range. These units plug into your natural gas or propane supply and come with multiple burner configurations.

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Commercial Electric Ranges

Prepare everything from breakfast treats to diner dishes and steaks within the same unit using a commercial electric range. Commercial electric stoves are often an excellent choice for locations that do not have ventilation hoods, as well as commercial kitchens operating at higher altitudes.

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Pilotless Ignition Ranges, Gas

Pilotless gas electric ignition ranges allow you to use your equipment without a standing pilot. These models are perfect for churches, lodges, and functional halls where they are utilized periodically rather than daily.

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Commercial Hot Plates

Restaurant hot plates provide extra cooking space, whether you are looking to boil an extra pot or simply keep a saucepan warm during busy shifts. Because they provide extra capacity when you need it, these units are ideal for diners, buffet lines, restaurants, and other foodservice operations.

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Induction Burners

Instead of using an open flame or traditional heating elements, induction cookers use electromagnetic current to effectively and silently heat the cookware. This makes them a great alternative to full size gas/electric ranges and hot plates.

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Stock Pot Ranges & Burners

Cook soups and sauce, boil pasta, and heat large amounts of liquids in your commercial kitchen with a stock pot range. Commercial stock pot ranges are similar to hot plates but with 18" burners, they are designed to hold much larger, heavier cookware, and have a higher heating power.

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Chinese Wok Ranges

Create stir-fry dishes, make savory sauces, and saute meat and veggies with a high-performance wok range. Wok ranges are custom built to order, and are especially perfect for Asian, Chinese, and Indian restaurants.

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Portable Gas Ranges

Cook on the Go at Catered Events with a Portable Gas Stove

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Top products from Commercial Ranges & Industrial Stoves

Because every business has unique needs, you should pick a model that can keep pace with the workload and volume in your establishment. Whether you are a small kitchen or a high-volume operation, Kitchenall is your trusted supplier of commercial range products and restaurant equipment. We deliver an extensive selection of gas commercial stoves for sale, electric commercial stoves for sale, pilotless ignition models, char broiler restaurant range models, stock pots, induction burners, Chinese Wok ranges, step up gas units, and more.

We carry Cookline, American Range, Cooking Performance Group, Imperial, Migali, Sierra Range, and other top industrial stove and oven brands.