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Gas & Electric Chicken Rotisserie Ovens

Cook delicious meats and offer freshly roasted chicken with a high performance commercial rotisserie oven. Because they make it easy to prepare excellent poultry, meats and kebabs, these units are perfect for restaurants, grocery stores, convenience stores, and concession stands. Kitchenall offers the best rotisserie chicken machines to keep your customers supplied with roasted chicken, meats and kebabs.

  • ✔ Keep customers coming for more kebabs and other mouth-watering meats on your menu.
  • ✔ Keep roast chicken and turkeys moist and delicious
  • ✔ Make basting a breeze with rotisserie machines that cook off most of the fat while the food is rotating on a spit
  • ✔ Draw customers in your parking lot, catered event or cooking competition with a towable rotisserie commercial oven

Compact models accommodate several large chicken or turkeys, while larger models can hold dozens of birds to keep your customers supplied. Both counter top and full-sized floor models are available. Commercial chicken rotisserie cabinets come with interior lighting so your staff can watch the food as it cooks. Many models available on Kitchenall have large drip pans for catching drippings, safety wire grids, continuous cooking, and other features to enhance the reliability of the unit.

A professional rotisserie oven rotates cooking food to help it bake evenly and remain juicy. Cook time for 3.5lb chicken will be one hour. These BBQ machines are primarily used for chickens and turkeys, but additional rotisserie parts and accessories can be added for chicken parts, ribs, and even vegetables. Smoke boxes are available for burning hickory, mesquite, charcoal, or wood for added flavor. Simply use tongs to remove chickens and hot food bags to sell them. Buy the best-selling Gas & Electric Chicken Rotisserie Ovens Machines for BBQ Chicken, Pork Loin, Ribs Turkey and more.

Kitchenall delivers an immense variety of electric and gas rotisserie ovens. Browse our inventory and find the perfect machine for your establishment. We carry Old Hickory, Southwood, Attias, American Range, and other industrial rotisserie oven brands. All units come with 1-year parts and labor warranty, with same day shipping from New York.

Need help finding the perfect chicken capacity rotisserie oven for your kitchen? Contact a commercial foodservice expert at 917-525-2066 for personalized service to get started. At Kitchenall, we're always here to help you!

Common Questions

1. How do I find the best rotisserie chicken machine for my food outlet? Kitchenall offers a large variety of commercial rotisserie roasters. Both compact and large models are available to meet the volume needs of your business. Choose between a floor model with casters, or a countertop unit that fits on a deli countertop. Natural gas and electric rotisserie oven configurations are available on Kitchenall. If you need help sorting through all these features to find the ideal machine for your needs, contact a Kitchenall foodservice expert at 917-525-2066.

2. How long does it take to cook a chicken in a Rotisserie? The cooking duration varies slightly based on the size of your chicken or turkey. On average though, a 3.5 lb cooks for one hour over medium heat.

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