Electric Forklift Stackers

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Our battery-powered electric forklift stacker models are more maneuverable than traditional forklift trucks and perfect for vertically-optimized storage areas. Ideal for unloading, lifting, and stacking goods in warehouses, confined cold storage areas, or tight spaces.

The HiLo 3300 walkie stacker forklift and 2200 pallet stacker can lift, move and stack pallets or other heavy loads to a height of 98". Robust DC motor drives and intuitive controls make unloading, moving, and storing goods easy, fast, and efficient.

The 3300lb forklift walkie stacker has fixed-width forks (27") and the 2200lb forklift stacker has adjustable forks (13" to 26") to handle various pallet sizes, making them ideal for most restaurant kitchen storage applications.

Advantages of using forklift stackers

  • More maneuverable than conventional forklifts, making them ideal for nearly any indoor application.

  • Variable lift speed and heavy-duty lifting capacity.

  • Battery-powered, so environmentally friendly.

  • Ideal for carrying heavy loads around a warehouse or storage area.

  • Virtually maintenance free

  • Budget-friendly 

  • Operators do not need any special training.

An electric pallet stacker increases both your uptime and productivity! 

Main features & capabilities of our forklift stackers

  • Electric pallet stacker

  • Standard 110V/115V electrical

  • 2200/3300 lb. load capacity

  • Powerful 24V / 80/150 Ah battery

  • Ergonomic handle and intuitive controls

  • Heavy duty construction dual mast fork stacker

  • Travel speed (full load): 3.5 km/h

  • Maximum fork height: 98"

  • Polyurethane steering wheels

  • Gradeability full load: 7°

  • 45" length forks

  • Fixed 27" fork width (2200 model)

  • 1.8 or 2.2kw DC lifting motor

  • Anti-slip foldable pedal

  • Electromagnetic brake

  • Fork adjust side to side from 13" to 26" (3300 lbs.)


1. Do you offer warranties on your forklift stackers?

Yes, even though our HiLo pallet stackers are extremely durable, they have a one-year parts and labor warranty.

2. What is a basic right-angle stack?

It indicates the minimum space needed to maneuver and access/enter a pallet. You should also allow for load length and essential clearance in tight spaces. The HiLo 2200 turn radius is 57.2", and the HiLo 3300 is 67".