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Commercial Pop Up Toasters

Toast bread, English muffins and bagel more efficiently with a commercial pop-up toaster. These are compact models usually available in 2 slice and 4 slice variations.  Pop-up toasters are a powerful addition to your café, cafeteria, or restaurant. Because these units are small in size and take up little space on counters, they are also great for self-serve stations in hotels, college dining facilities, and breakfast buffets. If you’re wondering where to buy a high quality commercial pop-up toaster, you have come to the right place.

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Most pop up toasters are made from high quality stainless steel that is dent and scratch resistant. This makes them extremely easy to clean, and highly durable over the long term. In addition to bread, some models have larger openings to accommodate thicker slices and other items such as bagels. We offer medium duty 2 slot toasters that are great for mid-volume establishments that need a small unit that can rest on counters. Heavy duty models – commercial 4 slice toasters – are well suited for higher volume operations like hotels and cafeterias. These units toast both bread and bagels and can handle constant use without overheating.

Many pop up models available on Kitchenall have a polished stainless steel finish that complements the look and feel of your commercial kitchen. Units may also be equipped with additional features such as removable crumb trays, adjustable browning controls, and safety features to enhance the reliability of the unit over the long run. All these features and settings will make it easier for your staff to serve excellent English muffins, sliced bread or waffles to guests.

Whether you operate a small sandwich shop or a well-equipped café, a pop up toaster will add value to your commercial kitchen. Kitchenall delivers an extensive selection of high quality (both heavy duty and medium duty) toasters so you can find the perfect machine for the needs of your establishment. We carry Toastmaster and other major commercial toaster brands. Need help finding the perfect toaster for your kitchen? Contact a commercial foodservice expert at 917-525-2066 for personalized service to get started. At Kitchenall, we're always here to help you!

Pop-Up Toasters Buying Guide

Choosing the right toaster for your business has everything to do with meeting the unique needs of your business. The first question to ask is "what are you toasting?" Although all toasters work with bread, not all will toast larger items such as bagels. It’s also important to consider the speed and time it takes to toast. While a slower low-volume unit might be great for a low-demand establishment, you’ll need a faster machine if you serve a considerable volume of English muffins, breads, or bagels.

Many of our customers also find the size of the machine important. We have units that have extra wide slots that are great for bagels and other large bread. Compact units available on Kitchenall tend to be perfect for countertop use in breakfast buffets, college dining facilities, and delis.  Essentially, you should go for a size and style that meets your preferences.

Many popup toasters require a 120V electrical connection to run. However, some heavy-duty units will require a 208/240V connection. So make sure you also put this into consideration.


Common Questions about Commercial Pop Up Toasters

1. What is the best popup toaster? 

The best popup toaster is the one that meets the needs your establishments. Because these units are available in a wide variety of styles, sizes and configurations, Kitchenall helps its customers make an informed choice. Dial a commercial foodservice expert on 917-525-2066 to get started today.

2. What is the difference between popup and conveyor toasters? 

Popup toasters are low-volume operators that are equipped with 2 or 4 slots for toasting bread, bagel, and/or English muffins. On the other hand, conveyor toasters are high-capacity machines that can turn up over a thousand slices in an hour. These units are equipped with a conveyor belt that consistently moves, passing one or both sides of the bread through heating elements. Popup toasters are great for low-demand establishments whereas conveyor toasters are perfect for high-demand use in busy establishments.

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