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Professional Juicer Machines

Serve your customers with fresh-made citrus juice and vegetable-based beverages in seconds. Commercial juicers are a quick way to extract fresh, healthy juice from all types of fruits and vegetables. These units are designed to squeeze the maximum amount of juice from the product, so very little goes out to waste with the pulp. We stock restaurant juicers that are ideal for juice bars, health clubs, restaurants, cafeterias, and other businesses. If you are wondering where to buy the best commercial juicer machine so you can offer healthier options on your menu, you have come to the right place.

Whether you are looking to open a food truck or a juice bar, adding fresh fruit and vegetable juice can help enhance your profitability. Commercial masticating juicers available on Kitchenall will make it possible to replace sugary beverages with healthier alternatives for your menu. Some of the more powerful professional juicer machines will grind spices, vegetables, and even extrude pasta. Specialty juicers that are ideal for dense, leafy greens are also available on Kitchenall. Regardless of the type of food joint you operate, these equipment provide an easy to use, cost and time effective choice. Serve your customers with delicious fresh-made orange juice, lemonade, and a selection of vegetable beverages.

Choosing the right juice extractor all narrows down to the capacity, the style, the type, and the individual product features. We offer automatic feed juicers that have a wide chute feeder which prevents the need for constant reloading. These are especially perfect for high volume establishments. Manual feed juicer machines - also available on Kitchenall - require constant reloading for each fruit or vegetable to be juiced. Many of our fruit juicers come with a pulp ejection system that automatically separates the pulp from the juice, allowing for uninterrupted use during those busy shifts. Some of our juicer machines are even NSF listed, which means they adhere to the highest standards of safety and quality. If you are looking for a commercial juicing machine that is easy to clean, reliable, and durable, Kitchenall has an extensive selection for you to choose from.

With the wide range of fruit juice extractors available in our inventory, you’ve got the right unit to meet the precise needs of your establishment. Our selection includes centrifugal juicers, masticating, and standard citrus juicer machines. Electric-powered floor model juicers tend to be a great choice for busy juice bars, health clubs, and diners. These units are designed to quickly pulverize fruits and vegetables without requiring much input from your employees. We have high performance models that can extract up to 12 gallons per hour, or more. For small establishments, a manual-powered countertop model will suffice.

Kitchenall is a trusted supplier of commercial restaurant supplies. We carry L&J MFG, Nutrifaster, Robot Coupe, Ruby, Waring, and other commercial juicer brands. Wholesale pricing is available with same-day nationwide shipping out of our New York warehouses. Need help finding the perfect juicer for your kitchen? Contact a commercial foodservice expert at 917-525-2066 for personalized service to get started. At Kitchenall, we're always here to help you!

Commercial Juicer Buying Guide

Freshly made fruit and vegetable juice can fetch high returns for your establishment – especially when it’s mixed into premium smoothies and cocktails. Health clubs, juice bars, diners, and other foodservice establishments can all benefit from a commercial fruit juicer. All juicers are not the same, and the perfect machine for your kitchen will be determined by your custom needs.

There are so many different types of juicing machines out there. This brief guide helps you wade through the features so you can find the ultimate high-performer for your establishment.

  • Commercial citrus juicers have a revolving mechanism that allows your staff to hold fruit or vegetables as juice is extracted. These units are designed to squeeze limes, oranges, lemons, and grapefruits. Most citrus juicers are manually operated, and usually available at a low price. Options include compact model for low volume establishments, and medium-duty juicers for medium volume juicing.

  • Commercial centrifugal juicers use a spinning blade to chop up produce, and a strainer to get rid of the unwanted pulp. The main advantage of these juicers is that they have a powerful motor and work very fast. A major drawback is that the speed of operation introduces a high volume of air into the juice, which causes it to oxidize faster and thus reduces its shelf life. This oxidation can destroy some of the nutrients included in the juice, making it not as beneficial to the drinker’s health. What’s more, centrifugal juicers tend to form a frothy juice, which may be problematic for certain applications. Although they are relatively inexpensive, many centrifugal juicers are noisy.

  • Commercial masticating juicers, also known as cold press juicers, come with a durable motorized auger that chops up produce into pulp while squeezing out the juice yield. Because they ‘chew’ the produce, these juicers tend to be much more thorough compared to centrifugal models. They will thus extract more juice than other commercial juicers from the same amount of fruits or vegetables. This makes them much more ideal for juicing leafy greens, which require more processing for their juice to be totally extracted. Cold press juicers tend to be slower and require more labor because they must be fed with smaller pieces in order to work well. Masticating juicers have quieter motors that make them well-suited for establishments where the juice is made in close proximity to where customers are. These units are ideal for juice bars, cafes, and fitness centers.

  • Juicers may also be lightly categorized as continuous feed juicers, wheatgrass juicers, or sleeve juicers. Continuous feed juicers involve minimal manual labor and are thus ideal for high-volume establishments. Wheatgrass juicers are specialty machines that are specifically designed to turn grasses, herbs, and sprouts into refreshing healthy drinks. Sleeves juicers basically come with a sieve attachment that separates the solids from the liquids, so you can enjoy your fresh juice without skins or seeds.

Important Product Aspects

When shopping commercial grade juicers for your establishment, you need to choose a machine that will give you maximum return on your investment. Put into consideration the following features to find the right unit for your needs.

  • ✔ Solid build – this is one of the most important aspects when looking for a juicing machine. Units that feature plastic housing and parts are often not durable. Commercial juicer marchiebwa work hard every day and you need to withstand the rigors of a busy commercial kitchen. Most of our restaurant customers prefer models that are created from stainless steel or die cast aluminum. These tend to last long and can withstand some rough-handling.

  • ✔ Ease of use – a commercial juicer should allow your kitchen staff to make fresh juice easily and efficiently. The right unit should be equipped with controls that are straightforward. If a machine is too complicated, then employees are likely to be inefficient with it. You want a unit that helps streamline operations in your juice bar, health club, or restaurant.

  • ✔ Reliability – commercial juicing machines are subjected to hard work for many hours each day. You need a unit that is tough enough to not break down after a few weeks of use. Also check for availability of reliable service options, so that any breakdowns can be addressed promptly. If a warranty is available, even better.

  • ✔ Speed – in some cases, you need a juicing machine that works with speed. This is especially true if you run a busy establishment. The goal is to keep your customers served fast without any delays. The right unit should be fast enough to produce a glass of juice in just a few seconds. Models that come with feeding chutes allow you to use whole fruits and vegetables without having to cut them up first.


Common Questions about Commercial Juicers

1. Which is the best commercial grade juicer? 

Commercial juicer machines come in a variety of styles, sizes, and configurations. A small bar might only need a citrus juice to make lemonade for adding to cocktails. A fitness center might need a heavy duty masticating juicer to quietly produce fresh juice from different types of fruits or vegetables. It all depends on your specific needs. The best commercial juicing machine for your establishment should be able to make enough juice fast, efficiently, and reliably. Kitchenall commercial foodservice experts (dial 917-525-2066) can help you wade through the product options and find the right juicing machine for your needs.

2. Citrus vs cold press vs centrifugal juicers? 

Citrus juicers are commonly used in restaurants that offer orange, lemon, or grapefruit juice. These units use manual extraction or slow speed, outputting sweet juice that stays fresh for a long time. Most citrus juicers are compact and operate quietly.

Cold press juicers are also known as masticating juicers because they ‘chew’ the produce into smaller bits. These units are relatively quieter, produce more yield, make the highest quality juice, and can process leafy vegetables. Their slow speed of operation maintains maximum nutritional value, leading to better tasting product that can be stored up to 24 hours.

Centrifugal juicers are the most common type of commercial juicing machine. They have rapidly spinning blades that shred fruit and vegetables into pulp. These units are commonly used in bars and restaurants. They tend to work very fast, but are noisier and produce less yield compared to cold press juicers. The high speed of operation creates juice that is oxidized and tastes more watery.

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