Commercial Stainless Steel Sinks

1 Compartment Sinks

Easily fill pots, clean produce, and soak greasy skillets in space-constrained kitchens using a single compartment sink.

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2 Compartment Sinks

Wash, rinse, or sanitize dinnerware with a 2-compartment sink.

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3 Compartment Sinks

Stay in code with your health department and wash, rinse, and sanitize dirty dishes from one convenient location with a 3 compartment sink.

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4 Compartment Sinks

Get the largest commercial sink possible with a 4 compartment sink. Designed for the busiest and largest commercial kitchens. Buy with or without drainboards.

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Whether you run a hotel, healthcare facility, or a foodservice establishment, a quality stainless steel sink is a necessary piece of restaurant equipment so you can meet proper sanitation codes and ensure the safety of your staff and guests. Restaurant sinks come in a wide variety of product options, including compartment sinks, hand sinks, underbar sinks, janitorial sinks, and more. You can find the right options for your handwashing, dishwashing, or even filling mop buckets tasks. Each unit is designed to address specific needs in your outlet so you can keep your operation safe and sanitary.

From the bar to the dishroom, a quality commercial kitchen sink allows you to meet local health department codes and the utility needs of your business. If you're wondering where to find the perfect commercial sink for sale, then you have come to the right place. We have a large selection of these units available at the lowest prices and from the best brands.

Common Questions about Commercial Sink

What is the best commercial sink for my business?

Keep in mind that there's no cookie-cutter solution for restaurant sinks and faucets. The ideal unit should sufficiently address the needs of your business. Think about what you're looking for and then find a product that has all the features and requirements you need. In some cases, going for a low-flow faucet can help you save huge amounts of money on utility costs without sacrificing on efficiency. Kitchenall commercial foodservice experts can help you pinpoint the perfect industrial stainless steel sinks for your establishment. Dial 917-525-2066 to get in touch!

How do I clean my stainless steel commercial sink?

Stainless steel units need to be cleaned for aesthetic reasons as well as to preserve their corrosion resistance. Commercial sinks thrive with frequent cleaning - which actually helps them retain their original look for many years to come. There are many different (and easy) methods to clean these units. Use the right cleaning tools such as sponges, microfiber, soft cloths, or scouring pads to clean your stainless steel surfaces. Alkaline-based cleaners tend to work great for this application.