Commercial Stainless Steel Shelving

Wire Shelving

Keep your storage area organized with commercial wire shelving. Choose from a wide selection of metal wire shelving for your kitchen or restaurant from top brands such as Global and Prepline.

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Wall Mounted Shelves

Maximize usage of vertical space and keep your kitchen organized with commercial wall shelving. Provide additional space where you can hold small appliances and dry kitchen ingredients on the wall in front of you.

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Double Over-Shelves

Store dishes, plate food, and keep food warmer with a double overshelf with adjustable shelf. Because they keep your prep areas well organized and free of clutter, commercial overshelves can be a valuable addition to your kitchen.

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Solid Metal Shelving Units

Worktable Undershelves

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Kitchenall restaurant storage racks are easy to assemble and add to existing units. These products are available in a wide variety of sizes, shapes, and configurations. We carry double overshelves, wall mounted shelves, and commercial wire shelving. Kitchenall is an exclusive supplier of industrial shelving, storage racks, work tables, and other kitchen equipment. We carry high quality stainless steel shelving from Global, Prepline, and other top brands. Need help finding the best shelving for your space? Contact one of our commercial foodservice experts at 917-525-2066 to get started! At Kitchenall, we're always here to help you!