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Complete food prep tasks more efficiently by outfitting your outlet with a high quality open base stainless steel table. The open base design creates storage space for ingredient bins, undercounter refrigerators, or they can be used as desks.

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Wood Top Worktables

Commercial bakers tables are an excellent solution for the food prep work in your commercial kitchen. These units are equipped with a spacious heavy duty top so you can easily dice veggies, prepare roasts, carve meat, slice ingredients, and plate food all in one location.

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Commercial prep tables come in a variety of options, and finding the right unit is pivotal to the efficiency of your kitchen. To quickly find the most ideal work table for the needs of your establishment, consider whether or not you need an undershelf, a backsplash, and specific sizing, including depth which is normally 24" or 30" but can also be as low as 14" depth.