Commercial Kitchen Prep Tables

Stainless Steel Worktables

Stainless steel work tables are Ideal for prepping ingredients or menu items. Durable and suitable for heavy-duty everyday use. Adjustable undershelves and storage space for pots, pans, and other food preparation equipment.

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Open Base Worktables

The open base design creates storage space for ingredient bins or under-counter refrigerators/freezers. Highly versatile and super easy to clean, these food prep tables can also be used as desks.

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Wood Top Worktables

The ideal choice for a bakery or cafe workspace. These work tables come with/without covered risers to keep things neat and clean and are equipped with a spacious heavy duty top so you can easily dice veggies, prepare roasts, carve meat, slice ingredients, and plate food all in one location. Check out our maple wood top work table and other work tables for your food service business.

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Equipment Filler Tables

Filler work tables and equipment stands help create an efficient kitchen workflow. Our heavy-duty tables are built to last and help keep your kitchen organized. They'll stand up to years of wear and tear.

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Work Table Parts & Accessories

We stock work table accessories for commercial kitchens. Our storage drawers and casters for stainless steel work tables/cabinets will help organize your kitchen and keep it running smoothly.

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Top products from Commercial Kitchen Prep Tables

Kitchenall's extensive selection of work stations, commercial work tables, and equipment stands help optimize any kitchen. 

Our stainless steel tables are perfect for carving meat, dicing veggies, or other food prep tasks.

How to choose the best commercial prep tables?

  • Size: A small cafe might only need a few square feet of work table space for prep work. A large restaurant will typically need larger work tables and stations. The right-sized table will optimize kitchen efficiency.

  • Material: Options include stainless steel and wood or poly-top tables. Stainless steel is easy to clean but can be pricey. Wood is very durable but can be susceptible to water damage. And poly-top work surfaces are lightweight, ideal as cutting boards, but typically not as durable as other work tables.

  • Features: Decide if you need cabinet space, an undershelf, a backsplash, adjustable height, or other features.

Why buy commercial work tables from Kitchenall?

  • Commercial equipment and work tables built to last and NSF certified

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  • 12-month warranty on all products

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