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Commercial Grade Meat Grinders

Make your own sausage and fresh ground beef with a commercial meat grinder and sausage maker (made in the USA). Beef grinders, saws, and other meat processing equipment are a must-have for kitchens that want to prepare the freshest burgers and juiciest steaks in town. These units will increase the speed of operations and enhance efficiency because they remove the hassle out of making freshly-ground meats. Meat grinder machines are ideal for butcher shops, delis, supermarkets, and specialty restaurants. Prepare delicious sausages, juicy hamburgers, and flavorful barbecue more efficiently. If you are wondering where to buy the perfect meat chopper for your establishment, then you have come to the right place.

Commercial grade meat grinders available on Kitchenall include both manual and electric configurations. Manual grinders operate by hand cranks are ideal for use in low-volume establishments. Electric meat grinders tend to be faster and less tedious. These are popular with high-volume delis and busy foodservice outlets. When selecting a grinder, pay attention to how much meat the unit can handle per minute. All grinders in our inventory are created from durable materials that will last through years of continuous use. These units are extremely dependable when it comes to streamlining meat preparation and freeing up staff time in your establishment.

Kitchenall delivers an extensive range of grinders so you can find the perfect unit for the needs of your kitchen. Units in our inventory come with a waterproof protection switch, an emergency stop switch, a food pusher, and other features meant to enhance the reliability of the unit over the long term. We carry commercial meat choppers from Globe, Omcan, Prepline, and other top brands. Get free shipping on all commercial heavy duty meat grinders, meat choppers, and sausage stuffers. All units ship out the same day from our New York location. Need help finding the perfect grinder for your kitchen? Contact a commercial foodservice expert at 917-525-2066 for personalized service to get started. At Kitchenall, we're always here to help you!


Choosing the right commercial grinder

A beef grinder is a valuable piece of equipment for butcher shops, deli counters, and any establishment where meat is prepared. Choosing the right grinder all narrows down to the construction, configuration, grinding plate size, and production capacity.

a) Construction

Many beef grinders available on Kitchenall have an elegant look that complements the feel of your kitchen. These units may have either an aluminum or stainless steel construction. Aluminum models tend to be cheaper and durable. Stainless steel meat grinders are durable, easy to clean, dishwasher safe, and corrosion resistant. Some units merge both an aluminum and stainless steel construction.


b) Manual vs electric meat grinders

Manual meat grinders can be mounted to a table or countertop. Because they have a small capacity and need to be turned by hand, manual grinders are designed for low volume use. These units might not be ideal for busy commercial establishment because they require a lot of labor and staff time input. Manual grinders also tend to be cheaper.

Electric meat grinders are available in a variety of sizes and configurations, from countertop models to high-capacity floor mounted units. These units are operated by a motor, making them easier and faster to use. The power of the electric motor will determine how hard the unit can work. Electric grinders are suited for high-output meat processing facilities, meat counters, or busy butcher shops. Most stand-alone electric grinders have a reverse function - which can be a time-saver especially if you are trying to chop troublesome meat.

c) Grinding plate size

Most commercial beef grinders come with various sizes of grinding plates, each with holes of a different size. The larger the holes, the coarser the ground meat will be. Small-holded grinding plates are ideal for creating fine ground meat for preparing breakfast sausages, bologna, hamburger, and italian sausages. Many units on Kitchenall come with at least two stainless steel grinder plates. Additional grinding plates of a different size can be requested from our foodservice professionals at 917-525-2066.

d) Output capacity

When shopping for sausage stuffing machines, the number of pounds a particular grinder can process per minute is very important. If you buy a unit that cannot keep up with the volume of meat you’d like to grind, then you’ll shorten its life and negatively impact its productivity. At Kitchenall, we have units that can turn out as low as 250 pounds to over 700 pounds of meat per hour.


Trusted supplier of commercial foodservice equipment

Kitchenall is an exclusive supplier of commercial restaurant supplies. We stock a wide range of professional meat grinders, meat slicers, blenders, juicers, and a wide array of food preparation supplies. We carry most of the major brands of commercial foodservice equipment. Our products are available at wholesale pricing for restaurant customers across the country. Orders ship out same day from our New York warehouses. Equip your foodservice location with high quality commercial grinders from Kitchenall.


Common Questions about Meat Grinders

How do I find the best commercial meat grinder?

Choosing the perfect restaurant meat grinder for your business is a balancing act. You have to think about the requirements of your kitchen, and get a rough idea of the kind of grinder you’re looking for based on these requirements. Some grinders - especially manual ones, are not intended for commercial-level use in a foodservice establishment. Meat choppers also have various production capacities, so you want to pick a unit that can meet your volume needs. Other factors to consider include the size of the grinding plates and the power of the motor for electric models. If you have a hard time finding the correct equipment for your kitchen, call a Kitchenall commercial foodservice expert at 917-525-2066.


How do I clean a meat grinder?

Before you start cleaning the grinder, run a few slices of bread through it to help remove any grease that may have collected. Take the grinder apart and then soak all the parts in a sink full of hot, soapy water. Using a soft brush, sweep off any remaining particles in the threads and nooks of the grinder. Once the grinder parts are clean, remove them from the sink and hand-dry them thoroughly with a clean towel.

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