Commercial Bar Refrigerators

Back Bar Coolers

Keep beer, wine, and cocktails at the perfect ready to serve temperature with the right commercial bar refrigeration equipment. Most commercial bar coolers are functional workhorses that will last for years while keeping your beverages properly chilled.

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Beer Bottle Coolers

Keep your beer bottles or glasses ice cold and within easy reach in our commercial deep well beer bottle coolers. Sliding metal lids provide fast top down access for bars and restaurants.

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Draft Beer Dispensers

Keep your customers supplied ice cold draft beer with a commercial kegerator. All towers and taps are easily swappable allowing you to serve 4 or 24 beer types from a single unit.

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Glass Froster, Mug Chiller

Keep glasses cold with a frosty appearance using a commercial glass chiller. Glass frosters help perfect the presentation of craft beers, sodas, and other beverages that need to be served ice cold.

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Wine Coolers

Keep your customers’ favorite wines chilled at the perfect temperature with a commercial wine refrigerator. Commercial wine coolers are the best way to display the finest bottles that your restaurant has to offer.

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Top products from Commercial Bar Refrigerators

If you are looking for bar refrigeration equipment, we have the right units to meet the needs of your bar, bistro, or nightclub. These units will efficiently store and display beer cans, bottles of wine, frosted glasses, and more. Most of our commercial bar coolers are versatile performers designed to streamline operations in your location. Whether you are running a winery, brewery, or restaurant bar, Kitchenall will deliver reliable refrigeration and merchandising equipment to your establishment.

Compact Refrigerator - compact units are ideal for establishments where space is limited. These bar coolers will maintain consistent, cold temperatures to keep your drinks well preserved. Compact fridges are available in both solid door and glass door configurations. Glass door models have a clear glass door and interior LED illumination that draws attention to what’s on offer. Some of these units are undercounter refrigerators, while others can conveniently rest on a table or countertop.

Glass Froster, Mug Chillers - commercial glass chillers will provide customers with attractive frosted glasses that keep their drinks ice cold to help boost profits in your bar, restaurant, or winery. We have some of the best glass frosters, mug chillers, and glass chillers.

Wine Coolers - Kitchenall delivers sleek wine coolers with built-in dual zone compartments. Store and display bottles of your best wine at the perfect serving temperature. These units will certainly help you boost wine sales and increase profitability in your location.