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Commercial Deli Meat Slicer

Slice deli meats, vegetables, and cheese more efficiently with heavy-duty commercial deli meat slicers. Because commercial meat slicers can handle a variety of tasks - including slicing large chunks of cheeses, meat, bread, and even vegetables - they are an essential piece of equipment for delis and restaurants. These units will speed up carving and slicing jobs, increasing efficiency and freeing up staff time. Deli slicers are available in a wide variety of units - from light-duty units for entry-level use to versatile heavy duty models for the busiest foodservice outlets. Our professional meat slicers will deliver more even and consistent slices than most people can achieve by hand. This enhances the speed of operations, saves costs, and increases yields from products. If you are wondering where to find the right restaurant meat slicer for your business, then you have come to the right place.

Commercial deli slicers are available in a wide variety - including both manual and automatic models. Manual meat slicers require that the chef or caterer moves the cutter back and forth in order to slicer products. These machines are popular with small delis, low-volume sandwich shops, and restaurants that need to a precise cut based on the menu requirement. With an automatic meat slicer commercial unit, an electric motor does the job for you, reducing slicing time, labor, and the safety risks associated with manual units. Most high-traffic delis, grocery stores, and busy establishment prefer automatic models because they are ideal for bulk cutting work. Typically, automatic units are more expensive than manual ones. Some machines may have an option to switch between the automatic and manual mode of operation.

With a wide variety of meat slicers that are perfect for anything from light to heavy use, we're your one-stop shop for all your restaurant slicer needs. Whether you need an entry level, mid-tier, or premium slicer, we have what you need. Choose from manual or automatic meat slicers and from slicers with large or small blades to get the exact cut you want.

Product Options

Choosing a deli meat slicer all narrows down to the product construction, blade size, unit horsepower, and transmission drive type.

  • ☐ Construction Type - many low-priced units are made from aluminum, which is durable enough to withstand low-to-medium volume use. Stainless steel models - which are very strong and easy to clean - can withstand heavy use.
  • ☐ Blade Size - slicers come with a small 9” blade, a medium 10” blade, or a large blade size over 12 inches. The size of the blade tells you what products the machine is designed to slice. Small models are ideal for fresh meats and are often manually operated. Medium models can cut your products for a much longer duration of time. The large blade size models are the strongest and toughest available. These can handle a wide array of products, including frozen meats. Most of our customers prefer large models because they are strong and can slice continuously for extended durations.
  • ☐ Horsepower - meat slicers come in varying power configurations. Low-horsepower units (⅕ horsepower) will suffice for small delis and establishments. High-volume restaurants and grocery stores that need a more powerful unit for frequent use can benefit from a machine with a ¼ horsepower or ⅓ horsepower motor. The most powerful meat slicers available have a ½ horsepower motor and are strong enough to be used all day long.
  • ☐ Transmission Drive Type - professional deli slicers are either gear or belt driven. Belt driven transmissions - which are more popular - are often used to power low-powered units. Although belt driven models are less expensive, this transmission type will eventually need to be serviced. Gear driven meat slicers are more powerful, rugged, and often do not require frequent service.

Kitchenall delivers an extensive range of manual and electric food slicers so you can find the perfect machine for your needs. We carry models from Eurodib, Globe, Prepline, and other top brands. FREE SHIPPING options available - with the lowest prices guaranteed. Shop our professional collection of commercial deli slicer machines for your restaurant at Kitchenall NY. Call us at 917-525-2066 to talk to one of our sales representatives today and find the right machine for your needs!

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