Walk-In Freezers

  1. As low as $3,130.00
  2. As low as $3,424.00
  3. As low as $3,723.00
  4. As low as $3,949.00
  5. As low as $4,436.00
  6. As low as $4,484.00
  7. As low as $4,768.00
  8. As low as $4,874.00
  9. As low as $5,278.00
  10. As low as $5,443.00
  11. Coldline 8 x 14 Walk-in Freezer Box with Floor
    As low as $5,591.00
  12. As low as $5,788.00
  13. As low as $5,976.00
  14. As low as $6,050.00
  15. As low as $6,523.00
  16. As low as $6,558.00
  17. As low as $6,907.00
  18. As low as $6,944.00
  19. As low as $7,023.00
  20. As low as $7,533.00
  21. As low as $7,636.00
  22. As low as $7,757.00
  23. As low as $7,974.00
  24. As low as $8,241.00

Preserve large volumes of food and beverages all year round with heavy-duty walk in freezers. An industrial walk in freezer unit is a valuable addition to your establishment because it converts empty space into a usable cold holding system.

Walk in freezer units are particularly ideal for restaurants, grocery stores, cafeterias, and other foodservice businesses that need to hold a large stock of food and ingredients. Walk in freezers are designed to keep your foods, beverages, and ingredients at the optimal temperature all-year round, making sure that you do not lose money from food waste or storage issues.

Why buy a walk in freezer unit from Kitchenall?

If you are wondering where to buy the best quality restaurant walk-in freezer, then you have come to the right place. We have a large selection of walk in freezers available at the lowest prices.

Our units come in a wide variety of insulations and skin types. We carry models with both packaged and remote refrigeration systems to suit your preferences. The main advantage of packaged systems compared to remote systems is that they require no HVAC technician.

On the other hand, remote compressor installation will help reduce hot air blowing into the freezer that can compromise its efficiency and reduce employee comfort.

Choose a walk in freezer unit with or without a floor. Floorless models tend to be a great option for foodservice establishments that have a concrete pad in order to meet local health department regulations. If your concrete is too thin and doesn’t meet local health codes, then you’ll need a freezer unit with a floor. Most of our commercial units deliver more efficiency with fewer costs associated to maintenance and health department regulations.

Choosing the right freezer

Walk in freezers bring additional refrigeration space to your restaurant, grocery store, or cafeteria. These units feature a compressor that helps maintain internal temperatures below freezing point, so that your food and ingredients stay frozen till you need them. Most freezers are indoor models, but we also have outdoor walk in units for establishments that have limited floor space.

We carry models in an extensive range of capacities, sizes, and compressor options so you can find the right machine for the needs of your business.