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Commercial Electric and Gas Crepe Makers

Serve your customers with delicious crepes with a commercial crepe machine. These units are a great addition to any commercial kitchen that serves crepes, blinis, pancakes, tortillas, blintzes, and similar breakfast items. Commercial crepe makers are like a griddle dedicated to making crepes alone. These units feature a smooth cast iron top that retains heat evenly for a quick product output and consistent browning. If you are looking for the right crepe maker to bake great treats for your customers, you have come to the right place.

Kitchenall offers both compact and large crepe pans to suit the needs and preferences of your business. Many of our industrial crepe makers are versatile operators, churning out dozens to hundreds of soft, delicious bites per hour. These units come with thermostatic controls, coated cooking surfaces, heating indicators, and other features that make the machine highly reliable. Choose between a unit with a single cooking surface, or dual surfaces. We have both gas and commercial electric crepe makers so you can find one that meets your energy preferences.

Find the right crepe maker on Kitchenall

Professional crepe makers make it easier for your staff to produce trendy, mouthwatering treats. Below are the main product considerations that you should look at when shopping crepe makers.

Gas vs Electric Crepe Maker

Both gas and electric commercial crepe griddles are available on Kitchenall. Each choice has its own benefits, so it narrows down to the needs of your kitchen, and your preferences. Gas crepe griddles heat up faster and can increase productivity in your kitchen. Since they require a natural gas or liquid propane connection, these units may not be portable. Electric crepe machines are very portable, and may be more energy efficient in the long run.

Single vs Dual Crepe maker

Whether to choose a single or dual crepe machine should be determined by the volume needs of your establishment. If you are looking to simply add a limited selection of crepes to your menu, a heavy duty dual crepe maker will suffice.

Single versions happen to be ideal for crowded kitchens that have limited counter space. However, if you plan to make a high volume of crepes for your customers, a double crepe machine might be ideal.

Temperature Range

The unit’s temperature range is important because different crepe recipes have varying heating requirements.


Kitchenall crepe makers are available in a variety of sizes compact crepe makers as small as 12” in length, and units as large as 34”. The griddle plate size will also vary from one unit to the next, but the standard size for many of our crepe makers is 16”.

Kitchenall is a trusted supplier of commercial restaurant supplies. We carry Waring commercial, Krampouz, and other top crepe maker brands. Browse our extensive inventory and find the perfect unit for the needs of your establishment. If you have a difficulty wading through all the features, we can help you find the perfect commercial crepe maker to meet the needs of your establishment. Contact a Kitchenall commercial foodservice expert at 917-525-2066 to get started today.


Common Questions about Commercial Crepe Maker

1. Do I need a commercial crepe maker? 

While you can make crepes on a regular griddle, most commercial kitchens use a dedicated crepe maker to achieve delicious, soft crepes for their customers. These machines remove the hassle out of making crepes because they provide a flat, even surface with good access around the edges. Whether you are looking to bring the flavor of Paris to your café, or want to craft jiainbing Chinese crepes to awe your customers, a high quality commercial crepe griddle will churn out delicious treats for your customers.

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