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Gyro Machines & Vertical Broilers

Serve excellent gyros, shawarmas, kebabs, and sandwiches with a gyro machine. Also known as vertical broilers, these units use radiant heat from either gas or electric burners to cook meat and other products.

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Salamander Broilers & Cheesemelters

Melt cheese, reheat pre-cooked foods and brown entrees with a high-quality Salamander Broiler. These units are available for a variety of cooking tasks, from broiling steaks to adding a golden finish to the tops of casseroles and gratin dishes.

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Overfired Broilers

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Broiling is a perfect way to obtain flavored, browned steaks and delicious entrees in your Kitchen. Just like grilling, commercial kitchen broiling uses direct, high-heat to cook and finish food to golden perfection. Gyro machines and vertical broilers - Slow roasting machines that cook with an open high heat element, covering about 180 degrees of the meat’s location. Gyro machines usually stand upright, and most models are small enough to fit on a table top. 

Overfired broilers are steakhouse grills that are ideal for fast searing of lamb chops, steaks, and other treats. The high heat quickly sears the meat and penetrates to cook the inside, allowing a blackened steak to be cooked.  Salamander broilers and cheesemelters  - Salamanders are gas broilers that are typically mounted on a wall over the restaurant range, or to the range itself using a mounting kit. Legs may be added if necessary. Because they have high temperature heat coming directly from the top of the oven baking chamber, Salamanders are just as usable as a finished oven. And since they cook from the top, they are perfect for draining the fat off cooking meats.