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Commercial Broilers

Cook food efficiently with intense heat to get consistent results, flavor, and a golden brown finish using a commercial broiler. Because they bring consistent results by searing food to their proper internal temperatures, these units large steakhouses, burger joints, restaurants that specialize in hearty fare, and other foodservice outlets. Restaurant broilers make it easy for your staff to achieve savory vegetables, succulent steaks, and other entrees finished to golden-brown perfection.

While all commercial broilers share an operating principle, each machine is designated for a particular use. Smaller broilers may be ideal for lighter applications such as melting cheese or caramelizing sugar on desserts. Vertical commercial broilers are often used to cook meat to a distinct flavor, while upright models will produce high volumes of food and conserve space in a busy commercial kitchen.

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Kitchenall is your trusted supplier of commercial cooking equipment. We delivers an extensive variety of gyro machines, infrared overfired broilers, salamanders and cheesemelters. Browse our inventory and find a broiler kitchen machine that is perfect for the needs of your establishment. Choose from major brands such as American range, Automax, Star, XL Manufacturing, and more. Wholesale pricing is available, and all units ship out same day from our New York location.
Need help finding the perfect fryer for your kitchen? Contact a commercial foodservice expert at 917-525-2066 for personalized service to get started. At Kitchenall, we're always here to help you!



Choosing the right restaurant broiler

There are plenty of different options to choose from, including storage bases and variable broiler chambers. Models are available in a variety of sizes and styles.

Gas powered broiler pans tend to be more popular because they are often cheaper and highly efficient. In some situations, electric commercial broilers may present more benefits. Foodservice establishments that do not have a natural gas or propane inlet, or that already use electric equipment, may prefer electric models. Countertop models that sit on top of your existing tabletops may be perfect for kitchens that have limited space. If your outlet has demanding cooking needs, you can benefit from a high power broiler. Whether you are broiling meat or roasting vegetables, the right oven broiler will make sure that food is perfectly cooked, every time.

Foodservice establishments have three different types of commercial broilers to choose from, based on the unique needs of their kitchen, available space, and other considerations.

  1. Gyro machines and vertical broilers - vertical broilers are commonly referred to as gyro broilers because they have a rotating spit for shaving beef or lamb. These are the most common unit used for preparing gyro or shawarma. They are slow roasting machines that cook with an open high heat element, covering about 180 degrees of the meat’s location. Gyro machines usually stand upright, and most models are small enough to fit on a table top. Operations that cook large volumes typically ask Kitchenall to fabricate a custom unit. Vertical broilers are available in both gas and electric configurations. You can choose your preferred size, style, and BTU power from a wide variety.

  2. Overfired broilers are steakhouse grills that are ideal for fast searing of lamb chops, steaks, and other treats. The high heat quickly sears the meat and penetrates to cook the inside, allowing a ‘blackened steak’ to be cooked. Most of these broiling pans come with slide out and adjustable height oven racks for easier and safe use by the chef. Overfired broilers available at Kitchenall come with stainless steel cooking racks, infrared burners, and other features that are designed to enhance the reliability of the unit over the long term.

  3. Salamander broilers and cheesemelters  - Salamanders are gas broilers that are typically mounted on a wall over the restaurant range, or to the range itself using a mounting kit. Legs may be added if necessary. Because they have high temperature heat coming directly from the top of the oven baking chamber, Salamanders are just as usable as a finished oven. And since they cook from the top, they are perfect for draining the fat off cooking meats. Salamanders differ from cheesemelters in that they are more powerful and used for cooking rather than just heating and cheesemelting. These units may have single controls, or dual controls that allow you to separately heat each side. Commercial cheesemelters are wall or range mounted broilers that are used for light cooking tasks such as melting cheese, toasting, and heating up subs and sandwiches.They typically have an open oven door, weight activated sensors, and do not get as hot as Salamanders do.

Streamline operations in your commercial Kitchen with commercial broilers, salamanders, and cheesemelters from Kitchenall. These equipment are a great way to broil or brown steaks, seafood, casseroles, and a wide range of other treats in any bustling food outlet. The layout and unique needs of your commercial kitchen will help determine the best commercial broiler for your application. Typically mounted above the range, a salamander is great for cooking, toasting, and cheese melting. Commercial cheesemelters offer a similar function, but because they have a wider opening and less power, they are more limited in what they can do. Other popular broilers include vertical gyro broilers used for shawarma and gyros. Raised Griddle Broilers are versatile way to add broiling capability under a griddle in one unit, saving valuable space under your hood for other items.

Our commercial ranges also offer a raised griddle/broiler option. American Range and Cecilware are among our most popular raised griddle broiler manufacturers. Both are stocked in our NYC warehouse and can be delivered as quickly as same day! At kitchenall, we carry many types of commercial broilers at the lowest prices from brands like American Range, Automax, Star, XL Manufacturing, Imperial and more. Need help finding the right commercial broiler machine for your business? Talk with one of our sales rep at 917-525-2066.

Common Question about Commercial Broilers

1. What are kitchen broilers used for? Broiling is a perfect way to obtain flavored, browned steaks and delicious entrees in your Kitchen. Just like grilling, commercial kitchen broiling uses direct, high-heat to cook and finish food to a golden perfection.

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