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Commercial Milkshake Makers

Make delicious malts, creamy milkshakes, frozen drinks and more with a commercial milkshake machine. These units allow staff to quickly and easily create a variety of frozen delights. Milkshake makers are ideal for ice cream parlors, cafes, diners, restaurants, and bars that offer frozen drinks on the menu. Because milkshakes are enjoyed all seasons long, outfitting your outlet with a drink mixer is a great way to make sure that customers are supplied throughout the year. Our milkshake blenders are versatile performers that can handle different types of frozen treats, including blended beverages and thick shakes. If you are looking to buy a high-quality commercial blender for shakes, then you have come to the right place.

Commercial shake machines come in a variety of capacities, sizes, and configurations. We have machines that can be mounted on walls or counters for added stability, as well as traditional freestanding models. Choose between a milkshake mixer and a mix-in blender model to suit the precise needs of your establishment. Lighter duty commercial milkshake blenders are usually great for establishments that blend milk, ice cream, and syrups together. Heavy-duty models that can tackle nuts or chunks of candy are also available. Select a single spindle unit or a machine that has multiple spindles allowing your staff to simultaneously prepare different types of flavored shakes.

A milkshake maker machine is a great addition to any establishment that serves guests with traditional ice cream desserts. Kitchenall carries a wide variety of milkshake makers that will meet the needs of both low volume and busier establishments. Most of our models come equipped with a heavy-duty die-cast housing that is easy to clean, user-replaceable motors, and other features meant to enhance the reliability of the unit. All milkshake mixers in our inventory have a powerful motor for quick mixing and durability, giving your business more value for money.

Browse our extensive inventory of high-performance commercial milkshake machines to find the right unit for the needs of your establishment. Kitchenall is an exclusive supplier of milkshake mixers, commercial blenders, commercial juicers, and other food preparation equipment for food service establishments. We carry commercial milkshake blenders from top brands such as Waring, Vitamix, and Hamilton Beach. Shop units at the lowest possible prices, with same day nationwide shipping from our New York warehouses. Need help finding the perfect milkshake mixer for your kitchen? Contact a commercial foodservice expert at 917-525-2066 for personalized service to get started. At Kitchenall, we're always here to help you!

Product Options

Milkshake blenders are available in a wide selection of styles and configurations. Models may have one, two, or three spindles. This allows you to select a unit that meets your needs based on the number of mixing cups you’d like to serve at a time.

  • ☐ 1 spindled shake mixers - we recommend single spindle machines for light duty use, typically in low volume concession stands or ice cream parlors.
  • ☐ 2 spindled shake makers - because they allow your staff to mix two milkshakes at once, these units provide more efficiency and output more product.
  • ☐ 3 spindled shake mixers - with the ability to simultaneously mix three shakes, these are high-performance machines for high-volume foodservice establishments.

Freestanding vs wall mounted milkshake mixers

Freestanding milkshake mixers will sit on your countertop or tabletop and have suction cup feet to provide stability. On the other hand, wall mounted milkshake maker machines can be attached directly to any wall in your establishment (using brackets), saving valuable countertop space.

Milkshake mixers vs mix-in blenders

Milkshake mixers are standard duty machines that blend ice cream, flavored syrups, and milk into thick smoothies, malts and shakes. Mix-in blenders are heavy duty variations that can take care of more difficult tasks (i.e. blending nuts, cookies, and candy into frozen beverages).

Some units have timers that allow your staff to set the desired mix time and move on to other tasks. Many models available on Kitchenall also have a variable speed setting, giving you complete control over how thin or thick the final product is.

Shop other commercial kitchen supplies on Kitchenall

Kitchenall is a trusted supplier of commercial restaurant equipment. In addition to commercial shake machines, we also provide our restaurant customers with commercial blenders, immersion blenders, mixers, sheeters, grinders, and other food preparation equipment. Wholesale pricing is available, with same day shipping to most nationwide locations. Save money and stock your establishment with the best commercial supplies at Kitchenall.

Common question about milkshake blenders

Which is the best milkshake maker?

Shake makers come in a variety of sizes, capacities, and configurations. The right unit for your kitchen should help your staff prepare delicious frozen treats faster and more efficiently. If you are a small establishment, a single spindled unit will suffice. However, busier enterprises need a two or three spindled machine that can prepare several cups of shakes simultaneously. Other factors to consider include the speed settings, freestanding vs wall-mounted models, and the durability of the unit. Kitchenall commercial foodservice experts can listen to you and help you pick the perfect milkshake mixer for your ice cream parlor or foodservice establishment.

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