Additional Services

For businesses in the New York metro area, including parts of New Jersey and Connecticut, we offer a range of additional services at competitive prices. If you need any of the services below please do not hesitate to contact us. All services listed below are offered to customers only, we do not offer these services for equipment purchased from other sellers.

Inside Delivery

Curbside delivery is always free to local buyers, but we can also move your equipment inside. This may require unboxing, unbolting the equipment from the skid, moving it inside, putting it in place, and removing all of the packaging materials. Prices for ground level inside delivery will range from $50 to $150 depending on the size of the equipment and access to space. Inside delivery must be planned before your order ships. Please make sure the equipment can fit in your door! Stairs including basements and 2nd floors will add cost. Removal of doors, if required, will add cost and must be approved prior to delivery.


If needed we can assemble your equipment on site. Common assembly jobs include assembling worktables, putting Blodgett convection ovens on stands, mounting a salamander to a range, installing casters, and more. If you’re buying equipment and need anything assembled, talk to us prior to delivery to make arrangements.

Old Equipment Removal 

Our customers are often replacing equipment, in which case the old equipment has to go. Let us know in advance and we will handle this. If you can pull the equipment outside your store we will pick it up and haul it away. Cost range will be $50 for a small worktop refrigerator on wheels to $150 for a 10’ refrigerator.  If you need us to go in and remove it from your store there may be an upcharge depending on the equipment and access.

Cooking Equipment Installation 

Need your gas or electric cooking equipment installed? We have licensed plumbers and electricians on speed dial ready to get it done. There are a lot of factors involved in a job like this so all pricing is provided after we know what will be involved. Factors include the type of equipment, the size of the space, the access to space, and the distance we will have to travel.

Commercial Refrigeration Installation

A lot of commercial refrigeration is plug and play, nothing more than a basic inside delivery. But remote refrigeration installation, walk-in refrigerator, and freezer install, and custom jobs like running beer lines will require more planning and expertise. There are dozens of other scenarios so talk to us about exactly what you need and we will let you know if its something we can do for you.

Commercial Refrigeration Repair 

Even after your warranty expires you may need a dependable commercial refrigeration tech to help maintain and repair equipment. We can put you in touch with the right people so if you are a customer looking for the right refrigeration tech, give us a call.

CAD Kitchen Layout Design 

Not sure where your equipment should go? Not confident everything will fit? For new restaurants placing orders with Kitchenall, we offer low-cost CAD layout design for your commercial kitchen. We will put your equipment list into a CAD file and send a 2D layout drawing showing every item in the kitchen laid out to scale for optimal use by our staff. We can even render your Kitchen in 3D so you can really get a feel for how it will look.