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Commercial Panini Press Grill Machines

Serve your customers with great flatbread sandwich, quesadilla, and toast with a commercial panini press. Panini machines are a versatile piece of equipment for any commercial kitchen. These units make it easy for you to add signature sandwiches, classic grilled cheese, eggplant, roast beef, and other great additions to your menu rotations. Commercial panini grills are ideal for delis, snack bars, concession stands, to-go lunch venues, and restaurants. Grill a wide variety of foods quickly and more efficiently with a high performance commercial sandwich press machine.

Panini makers come in a variety of types, and choosing the right unit all narrows down to the usage, plate material, plate configuration, and specific product features. Standard duty panini grills are perfect for daily use in medium-sized diners, convenience stores, and sandwich shops. Medium duty commercial panini machines are suited for frequent use in small neighborhood delis, busy concession stands, and sandwich shops. If you serve a high volume of grilled sandwich items on a daily basis, then you need a heavy duty panini press.

Units may have aluminum, cast iron, or non-stick grill plates. Many units available on Kitchenall have a manual, snap action, or thermostatic control. Most of these units are compact in size so they can be placed directly on countertops without taking up too much space. Sturdy legs - also available on many units - make it easier for your staff to clean underneath the Panini machine. Browse our extensive selection of professional-grade panini makers and find the perfect machine for the needs of your establishment.

High quality commercial sandwich toasters available on Kitchenall ensure that sandwiches are cooked to perfection within the shortest time possible. These units will cook more than just sandwiches, from classic American grilled cheese to Italian-style panini and burritos. Whether you are looking to introduce signature treats or expand your menu items, a good restaurant panini press can be a profitable addition to your kitchen.

The Kitchenall advantage

If you are looking for a commercial panini press for your foodservice outlet, then you have come to the right place. We offer a wide selection of sandwich press commercial equipment for varying cooking applications.

  • ✔ Compare dozens of commercial sandwich grills to find the perfect unit for your needs
  • ✔ Select an industrial panini press from your favorite brand
  • ✔ Each pannini machine has features for particular cooking applications - get a Kitchenall commercial foodservice expert to help you find the right features for your foodservice outlet
  • ✔ Shop at wholesale pricing with same-day nationwide shipping from our New York warehouse

Choosing the best panini press

Panini are grilled sandwiches that became popular in Milan (Italy) during the 1970s. Before long, they were trendy in New York and other American cities. Panini sandwiches can be made using different types of breads and a variety of ingredients. Since there is an overwhelming variety of commercial panini grills available, it’s important to find a machine that meets the needs of your foodservice outlet.

Pannini machines may have a cast iron, stainless steel, aluminum grill surfaces.

  • Cast iron plates - although they take more time to heat up in the first place, cast iron plates tend to retain and distribute heat very well. They provide the consistent temperatures needed to impart nice grill marks (when grooved plates are used). They also tend to be heavier than other types of plates, and thus press the ingredients much better.

  • Because aluminum plates heat up much quicker, these are ideal for establishments that service sporadic, low-volume orders. Aluminum plates may or may not be coated for easier cleaning and to help prevent food from sticking.

  • Stainless steel plates tend to be durable and easy to clean. These often come with nonstick coating, making the unit easy to clean and preventing food from sticking. With a corrosion-resistant surface and minimal maintenance requirements, stainless steel plates are an affordable solution for many foodservice outlets.

Many models available on Kitchenall either a flat or grooved plate configuration. Grooved machines add appetizing grill marks on your menu items. Flat units ensure that you sandwich comes into maximum contact with the heat source. Some units have a single top plate, allowing you to grill the same type of products at similar cooking temperatures. Panini grills with dual top plates are ideal for simultaneously cooking various items at different temperatures.

Shop our professional collection of commercial panini grill and sandwich makers for your restaurant, deli, and cafe. We carry Diamond Equipment, Star, Eurodib, Waring, Winco, and other commercial panini press brands. Kitchenall is a trusted supplier of commercial restaurant supplies. Call us at 917-525-2066 to talk to one of our sales representatives today and find the right machine for your needs!

Make your favorite flatbread sandwich, toast or quesadilla that customers will love. 

Common Questions

1. How do I find the best paninni machine? When it comes to choosing the perfect commercial panini press, many of our customers opt to go with reputable manufacturers. Kitchenall carries models from all major brands and manufacturers. On top of that, we have commercial foodservice experts available (Dial 917-525-2066) to help you find the right product features for the precise needs of your foodservice outlet.

2. Aluminum vs cast iron commercial panini grill? Aluminum grill plates heat up and transfer heat up to 5 times faster than cast iron plates. For that reason, they are ideal for sporadic, low-volume orders where quick heat up is required. Cast iron grills take more time to heat up but retain heat much longer, making them ideal for continuous use in a busy foodservice establishment.

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