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Electric & Gas Commercial Deep Fryers

Prep batches of deep fried delights for your customers with heavy duty gas and electric deep flyers. These units prepare a wide variety of foods, from breaded entrée items such as fish and chicken, to French fries and specialty treats such as candy bars and corn dogs. Because they produce tasty and in-demand menu items with relatively little effort, commercial deep fryers are ideal for restaurants, diners, food trucks, and other fast food outlets. Choosing the right commercial fryer all narrows down to selecting a pot capacity, fuel source, and installation type.


Why shop commercial fryers on Kitchenall

  • ✔ Make fried foods more efficiently with a heavy duty commercial fryer
  • ✔ Select between gas and electric models
  • ✔ Choose from a large variety including the top commercial deep fryer brands
  • ✔ Personalized help to find the best machine or accessories for your kitchen
  • ✔ Wholesale pricing and fast shipping (within 24 hours) nationwide

Commercial deep fryers are a fundamental part of every commercial kitchen. Low capacity units are a practical choice for small kitchens. Most commercial restaurants prefer a high capacity unit that can keep up with the demands of a busy kitchen. Models available on Kitchenall come in all sorts of pot capacity variations, from 5lbs all the way to 75 lbs.


Gas and electric fryers cook large batches of your fried foods with high oil temperature. Whether you’re looking to equip a new restaurant or replace aging unit, Kitchenall is your trusted supplier for commercial kitchen equipment. All fryer oil will have to be filtered, either manually or with the use of an automatic filtering system. These filtering systems can be built right into the machines, or they can be purchased individually and used as a portable filter. The vast majority of small restaurants leverage manual oil filtration, which can save thousands of dollars in upfront costs.


Electric Fryers are available in floor and countertop models. Countertop electric deep fryers are ideal for concession stands, catering shops, and small restaurants. These fryers come in single or dual pot configuration, in various capacities – from 5 lb to 35 lb and up. Countertop commercial electric flyers rest on your countertop, offer high performance, and can be ideal in situations where the cost of running gas is higher. Most electric deep flyers available on Kitchenall use a 220V power for quick recovery time. Smaller models are available in 110V configurations.


Countertop gas deep fryers are available in the 5-30 lb. capacity range. These tend to be more popular than electric countertop models, mostly because they heat up more quickly and offer more temperature control. Gas deep fryers plug to your natural gas connection and are a practical choice for stores, cafes and restaurants that have a gas line available.


Electric floor fryers are the least popular pick in our inventory, but can be a thoughtful choice for your commercial kitchen. These models are usually purchased due to special requirements. Maybe there’s not natural gas inlet, or perhaps all your other equipment are electric. Unlike most other electric cooking equipment, fryers in this category still need a direct ventilation system. We offer high performance models from the Imperial brand.


Gas floor fryers are a popular pick for commercial restaurants and foodservice establishments. Most of our customers prefer models within the 30 lbs. to 50 lbs. capacity range. Manufacturers built more of this size and thus the pricing is most competitive. These units plug to your gas connection and are equipped with various features for reliable performance over time. We also have a wide range of deep fryer accessories, including wheels, filtration systems, stainless steel tops, and extra legs so you can keep your machine running in tip-top condition.


Kitchenall delivers an extensive range electric and gas fryers so you can find a machine that is perfect for the needs of your kitchen. We carry American Range, Global, Migali, Imperial, Cookline, Sierra Range, Pitco, and many other top deep fryer brands. Wholesale pricing is available, and all units ship out within 24 hours from our New York location. Need help finding the perfect deep fryer for your kitchen? Contact a commercial foodservice expert at 917-525-2066 for personalized service to get started. At Kitchenall, we're always here to help you!

Common Questions

1. How do I find the best commercial deep fryer for my kitchen? The first consideration when shopping for a deep fryer is the kind of utilities you have. Do you have a gas inlet or are all your appliances electric? If you have, is it natural gas or propane? Once you get this part resolved, you’ll also want to think about what you need the commercial fryer to achieve in your food business. This will enable you to identify the best size, style, and product features. If you are stuck, Kitchenall commercial foodservice experts can help you make the right choice. Dial us at 917-525-2066 today.

2. How do I make cleaning a deep fryer easier? Many kitchen staff dread the task of cleaning the commercial deep fryer. Luckily, you can make this process easier. Already, you should have an oil filter system to help clean the cooking oil for hygiene and efficiency purposes. Additionally, you can get a splash guard to prevent splatters from getting to your walls, floors, and nearby kitchen equipment. If you have more than one deep fryers arranged side by side, get a joiner strip to prevent grease and grime from getting in between them. This further makes cleaning much easier. Many of our customers here at Kitchenall have found these tips helpful.

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