Commercial Deep Fryers

Gas Floor Fryers

The go-to choice for many kitchens that cook large quantities of fried food, these heavy-duty fryers are suitable for cooking French fries, chicken wings, donuts, and more. Gas fryers are easier to clean and maintain than electric models. We have high BTU deep fryers available in 40lb, 50lb, and 75lb oil capacities.

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Electric Floor Fryers

Fry large quantities of food and keep customers supplied with an electric floor fryer. These units are perfect for high-volume restaurants, snack shacks, food trucks, and establishments that need to frequently prepare large quantities of food.

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Countertop Gas Deep Fryers

Serve large amounts of hot, fresh fried foods with a countertop gas deep fryer. These units provide a low-volume frying solution with a conservative footprint, and can supplement your larger fryers during busy shifts. Countertop models are ideal space-savers in commercial kitchens.

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Countertop Electric Deep Fryers

Because they are mobile, flexible, and do not require a gas connection, electric countertop fryers are ideal for small food trucks, small restaurants, concession stands, and catering shops that use electric equipment.

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Top products from Commercial Deep Fryers


Ideal for any high-volume or low-volume food establishment, our fryers produce delicious fried food like French fries, onion rings, chicken wings, mozzarella sticks, shrimp, donuts, fried appetizers, and other menu items.


Our range of commercial fryer models comes packed with features:

  • Electric models: 1-phase, 3-phase, 208V or 220V

  • Gas models: for propane gas or natural gas line installation

  • Premium heating elements inside for efficient heating

  • Accurate temperature controls for optimal cooking temperatures

  • Cooking oil filtration system and drop-down filters to remove excess oil

  • And more...

Why buy a commercial deep fryer from Kitchenall?

  • Quality: Purchase a commercial deep fryer from Kitchenall, and get a high-quality product. Our deep fryers are made from stainless steel and built to last.

  • Safety: Safety is a top priority in the kitchen. Our commercial deep fryers are designed with thermal overload protection to prevent fires and automatic shut-off features.

  • Efficiency: Our commercial deep fryers are designed to be energy efficient to cook large quantities of food quickly and easily. Our deep fryers also feature adjustable thermostats so that you can find the perfect temperature for your specific needs.

  • Versatility: Our deep fryers are versatile and can fry foods such as chicken, fish, or French fries.

  • Easy Cleaning: Our commercial deep fryers are easy to clean. Removable parts can be washed in the dishwasher, and the rest of the fryer can be easily wiped down with a damp cloth.

  • Warranty: When you purchase a commercial deep fryer from Kitchenall, you get a warranty for peace of mind.

Upgrade your frying game and invest in one of our commercial deep fryers today.