Electric & Gas Commercial Deep Fryers

Gas Floor Fryers

Fill more orders and keep customers supplied quickly with the right natural gas or liquid propane floor fryer. We have high BTU deep fryers available in 40lb, 50lb, and 75lb oil capacities.

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Electric Floor Fryers

Fry large quantities of food and keep customers supplied with an electric floor fryer. These units are perfect for high-volume restaurants, snack shacks, food trucks, and establishments that need to frequently prepare large quantities of food.

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Countertop Gas Deep Fryers

Serve large amounts of hot, fresh fried foods with a countertop gas deep fryer. These units provide a low-volume frying solution with a conservative footprint, and can supplement your larger fryers during busy shifts.

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Countertop Electric Deep Fryers

Because they are mobile, flexible, and do not require a gas connection, electric countertop fryers are ideal for small restaurants, concession stands, and catering shops that use electric equipment.

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Top products from Electric & Gas Commercial Deep Fryers

Prep batches of deep fried delights for your customers with heavy duty gas and electric deep flyers. These units prepare a wide variety of foods, from breaded entrée items such as fish and chicken, to French fries and specialty treats such as candy bars and corn dogs. Because they produce tasty and in-demand menu items with relatively little effort, commercial deep fryers are ideal for restaurants, diners, food trucks, and other fast food outlets.