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Commercial Gas Steam Tables

Keep hot food ready for serving in a buffet or cafeteria line with a gas steam table. Steam tables are a valuable investment for any catering operation because they keep food at safe serving temperatures for long periods of time. Steam tables are named after the manner in which they keep food fresh and warm. Rather than apply heat directly to the bottom of a food pan (which can lead to overcooking) these units heat a well containing water, releasing steam that surrounds the bottom of the food pan with even, gentle heat. This maintains the temperature of food until it is ready to be served. A sure fire way to keep food at the proper serving temperature, commercial steam tables are ideal for catered events, buffets, cafeterias, and foodservice outlets that need to cook in advance. If you are shopping for high quality food steam tables, we have a large selection of these units available at the lowest prices.

Gas powered steam tables available on Kitchenall may use either natural gas or propane. We stock units with as few as two wells to as many as six wells so you can find one that works for the volume of food you will be serving. Each well holds a full-sized pan but can also accommodate certain fractional pans. Some food truck steam tables come with extra accessories such as bars and adaptor plates to allow the use of smaller pan sizes, which can be very useful for holding condiments, toppings, and similar items.

Product Options

Restaurant steam tables allow you to hold large amounts of self-serve dishes for customers without your staff constantly needing to tend to the buffet line. It is important to consider what types of dishes you’ll be offering in your establishment when choosing a gas steam table. We have 2 well gas steam tables, 3 well steam tables and even larger options to meet your volume needs.  An open well table with dry heat holding works great if you serve fried or crispy foods. For pasta, steamed vegetables, and other entrees, a sealed well table is the ideal choice. Options for an open undershelf or an enclosed base for extra storage are also available.

a) Steam Tables by Well Type

  • ☐  Open well steam tables - hot food tables with an open well happen to be a flexible choice for our customers because they can be used with spillage pans for moist heat holding, or without spillage pans for dry heat holding.

  • ☐  Sealed well tables - these moist heat holding units do not require a spillage pan because water can be directly added to the well.

b) Steam Tables by Base Style

  • ☐  Enclosed base - these buffet steam tables offer extra storage for your plates, serving utensils, bowls, flatware, and other equipment for your cafeteria or buffet.

  • ☐  Undershelves - these are food tables with an open base design, which means you can store and access equipment, steam table pans, and other large items via a handy undershelf.

Other important options to consider when shopping for a gas steam table for sale include the storage space under the table, slatted or solid shelves, and tray slide for buffet applications.

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Kitchenall is an exclusive supplier of commercial restaurant equipment. We stock a wide range of steam tables, display cases, bread proofing cabinets, countertop food warmers, drawer warmers, heat lamps, soup kettles, and other professional hot holding equipment. We carry 2, 3, 4, and 5 well steam tables from Eagle Group, Global, and other top brands. Wholesale pricing is available and all units ship out within 24 hours from our New York warehouses. Equip your foodservice location with high quality stainless steel hot foods tables from Kitchenall. Have questions? Contact one of our commercial foodservice experts at 917-525-2066.


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