Commercial Countertop Griddles & Flat Tops

Electric Griddles & Flat Top Grills

Create breakfast, lunch, and dinner foods quickly and more efficiently with a commercial electric griddle & flat top grill. These units are typically used in commercial kitchens with limited gas hookups.

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Gas Griddles & Flat Top Grills

Make a variety of foods for breakfast, lunch, and dinner with a commercial gas griddle. These units have high BTU burners located directly beneath the plate and heat up faster and recover more quickly than their electric counterparts, all at a lower energy cost.

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Panini Grills, Sandwich Maker

Serve your customers with great flatbread sandwich, quesadilla, and toast with a commercial panini press. Panini machines are a versatile piece of equipment for any commercial kitchen.

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Commercial Waffle Makers

Expand your breakfast menu with mouth-watering waffles using a commercial waffle maker.

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Commercial Crepe Makers

Commercial crepe makers are like a griddle dedicated to making crepes alone. These units feature a smooth cast iron top that retains heat evenly for a quick product output and consistent browning.

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Top products from Commercial Countertop Griddles & Flat Tops

Selecting the right commercial flat top griddle is essential so you get unlimited value and flexibility in your kitchen. Whether the unit is powered by gas or electricity is an important factor. Other key considerations include the finish, available controls, and thickness of the unit. Thicker plates have better heat retention for faster temperature recovery. Models with thinner griddle plates usually heat up and cool down quicker, and require less energy. These might be ideal for establishments with lighter cooking needs.