Commercial Refrigerators, Freezers & Ice Machines

Commercial Freezers

Reliably freeze and preserve products in your foodservice enterprise with a commercial freezer. These units are perfect for every foodservice operation because they preserve food and ingredients so you always have plenty on hand. Our customers for this category of commercial cold holding equipment include bars, bakeries, schools, restaurants, delis, grocery stores, and convenience stores.

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Ice Machines

Make an endless supply of ice for your bar, drink service, food transport, and more with a commercial ice maker machine. These units are a necessity for every establishment in the foodservice or hospitality industry. Whether you’re are looking to serve refreshing chilled drinks or keep foods preserved during transport, a commercial ice machine is required.

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Ice Machine Storage Bins

Ice Dispensers

Refrigerators / Freezers, Combination Units

Improve workflow in your commercial kitchen and save on space with a commercial refrigerator freezer combo. Commercial fridge and freezer machines are ideal for delis, cafeterias, and foodservice outlets that need to maximize space usage. Instead of buying a reach-in cooler and a reach-in freezer separately, you get one flexible unit that combines both.

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Plastic Strip Doors / Curtains

Prevent the loss of temperature and reduce equipment repair with a walk in cooler and freezer curtain. Strip curtains are a must have for your walk ins (freezer and refrigerator) because they keep internal temperatures low and prevent pests from getting inside.

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Water Filters & Cartridges

Improve the life of your system by getting a replaceable water filtration system for your restaurant.

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Ice Cream Maker

Increase year-round sales of ice cream, frozen yogurt, and gelato with a commercial ice cream maker. These units are an essential addition because they streamline ice cream preparation in your establishment. Commercial ice cream machines are ideal for fast-food restaurants, diners, and ice cream shops. Many of these units are easy to operate, which makes them great for all foodservice outlets.

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What commercial refrigeration brand is the best?

There are dozens of commercial refrigeration and freezer brands out there, and hundreds of competing products to choose from. Most foodservice customers - especially new entrepreneurs - find it hard to pinpoint the right unit from this variety of choice. At Kitchenall we want to make buying easy. So you'll find a recommended brand label next to our favorite refrigeration Brands, including Coldline and Marchia, who offer a mix of quality and price that we have yet to see anyone else beat.

Enjoy freedom of choice with our large selection of commercial refrigerator brands. We carry Coldline Marchia, Leader Refrigeration, Turbo Air, Beverage Air, Summit, Migali, Atosa, and leading commercial refrigerator brands. The Kitchenall inventory includes specialized products, from bar refrigerators to bottle coolers and glass door merchandisers. This way, our bar, restaurant, bakery, deli and grocery store customers can choose an option that adapts to their specific needs.