Commercial Cooking Equipment

Commercial Ranges & Stoves

Boil, saute, grill and cook foods in your foodservice establishment with a high performance commercial range. A commercial gas or electric range is the heart of every industrial kitchen. Heavy duty durability and high BTU cooking power make them ideal for restaurants high volume foodservice businesses.

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Commercial Ovens

Cook, roast, or heat food with a heavy duty commercial oven. Restaurant ovens allow you to prepare a variety of foods – from hearty roasts to delicate pastries – to keep your foodservice operation going. These units are perfect for restaurants, bakeries, smokehouses, sandwich shops, and other foodservice establishments.

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Commercial Deep Fryers

Prep batches of deep fried delights for your customers with heavy duty gas and electric deep flyers. These units prepare a wide variety of foods, from breaded entrée items such as fish and chicken, to French fries and specialty treats.

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Commercial Grills

Prepare pancakes, bacon, grilled cheese sandwiches, steaks, burgers, and other foods more efficiently with a commercial griddle.These units are workhorses for making breakfast, lunch, and dinner menu items in any commercial kitchen.

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Pasta Cookers

Boil and cook pasta more quickly and efficiently with a commercial pasta cooker machine. Commercial pasta cookers use gas or electricity heat to cook all types of pasta and similar items to perfection

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Commercial Broilers

Cook food efficiently with intense heat to get consistent results, flavor, and a golden brown finish using a commercial broiler. Because they bring consistent results by searing food to their proper internal temperatures, these units are commonly found in large steakhouses, burger joints, restaurants that specialize in hearty fare, and other foodservice outlets.

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Commercial Toasters

Prepare excellent golden brown toasts and bagels more efficiently with a commercial toaster. These heavy-duty units will handle a busy load of English muffins, bread, and bagels. Restaurant toasters are designed for various types of foodservice operations, from cafeterias and diners to sandwich shops. Whether you run a town’s breakfast or a high-volume commercial kitchen, Kitchenall has a commercial toaster oven for your needs.

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Commercial Exhaust Hoods

Add a commercial kitchen hood to your hood system that ensures fire code requirements and removes greasy vapors from your kitchen.

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Cooking Parts & Accessories

Cooking equipment parts and accessories include replaceable parts for brand name commercial cooking equipment such as gas hoses and quick disconnects, casters, rotisseries pits, baskets, oven racks and more.

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Top products from Commercial Cooking Equipment

Whether you are opening a new restaurant or looking to expand your menu, commercial cooking equipment is essential to your commercial kitchen. We stock top brands of commercial ranges, rotisserie machines, fryers, commercial wok ranges, griddles and char-broilers. Kitchenall delivers an immense variety of restaurant equipment, supplies, parts and accessories, all at the best prices you will find anywhere. But don't take our word for it. Browse our selection and see for yourself.