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Prepare bagels and breads fast and keep guests served with a heavy duty conveyor toaster. These units facilitate rapid preparation because they keep toasts moving smoothly on a horizontal conveyor belt.

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Pop-Up Toasters

Toast bread, English muffins and bagel more efficiently with a commercial pop-up toaster. These are compact models usually available in 2 slice and 4 slice variations.  

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Choosing the right restaurant toaster all narrows down to the needs of your establishment. What are you going to toast? How much do you need to toast per hour? How much space do you have in your kitchen? Once you have these questions answered, it’ll be easier to pick the right unit to enhance the capacity of your kitchen.

In our experience, restaurants with relatively low demand for toast benefit more from a pop-up toaster. These toasters will have between 2 and 6 slots, allowing you to adjust how long the toasting cycle is. For higher volume restaurants, conveyor toasters perform better. These are high capacity units that will continually turn up bread or bagel. Industrial conveyor toasters – perfect for high demand establishments, can make as many as 2000+ pieces per hour.