Refrigerated Salad Bars & Cold Tables

Tabletop Salad Bars

  Kitchenall countertop salad displays are available in a wide variety of configurations. We have compact units that occupy less space on your serving area, as well as large models that accommodate more food.

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Employee-Service Salad Bars

Display your salads and prepared food to customers in a refrigerated employee service salad bar.

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Self Serve Salad Bars

Showcase and merchandise your best fruits, desserts and vegetables with a self serve salad bar. Customers can help themselves to their favorite picks while your staff focus on other things.

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Top products from Refrigerated Salad Bars & Cold Tables

Keep vegetables, desserts and fruits chilled for longer with a commercial refrigerated salad bar. A cold buffet table is a valuable addition to your foodservice entreprise because it display cold products at optimum temperatures for presentation, freshness and taste. These units are ideal for pizza shops and restaurants where a variety of cold salads are served. Cold tables are designed to safely chill a wide range of salad bar items, including perishable ingredients, pudding desserts, and more. These units will hold a variety of food pans, making it easier for your customers to quickly find what they want. Commercial restaurant cold tables can be used in both back-of-house and front-of-house applications to meet your precise food holding needs.

Commercial cold tables are reliable and durable operators that provide long lasting service to streamline salad service in your establishment. Most models available on Kitchenall are created from stainless steel that looks elegant, and is easy to clean. Bring convenience and versatility to your foodservice outlet with a high-performance food salad bar that allows you to showcase your customers’ favorite salads. We have table top salad bars that rest on your table or countertops, as well as employee service and self serve models. If you are looking for a high quality food service salad bar, then you have come to the right place. Kitchenall all delivers an extensive range of these units at the lowest possible prices.

Our cold buffet tables come in a wide variety of sizes, configurations, and product options. Compact countertop models are great for space constrained environments while larger floor models can accommodate more foods. Choose a unit with casters so you can easily move products from one dining room to the other, or a unit with sneeze guards to provide increased sanitation. We carry models from Turbo Air, Global, and other top cold holding equipment brands. Wholesale pricing is available, and all orders ship out same day from our New York location.