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Restaurant Equipment List - All Commercial Kitchen Equipment & Accessories You Need

December 30, 2021
One of the biggest factors that often gets overlooked when opening or running a restaurant is the equipment used. The truth is if many restaurateurs had the money, a lot of them, i.e., 47% of them, would spend on updating or getting new equipment. Having good equipment and an even better team can certainly help get the sales in and establish a credible reputation.  To help you, though, today we’re going to walk you through our restaurant equipment list. We will look into each of the most important pieces of equipment you could have and what to consider before buying your restaurant kitchen equipment. 

How Much Do Restaurant Owners Make?

November 23, 2021
Owning a restaurant can be a challenging but rewarding business. Ultimately the salary of a restaurant manager can vary based on the season, operating costs, sales, investors, years of establishment, and more. However, the average salary for a restaurant owner in the USA is between $24,000- $150,000 a year.

Free Kitchen & Restaurant Cleaning Checklist - Daily, Weekly and Monthly Tasks

October 19, 2021
Did you know that restaurants can be one of the riskiest places to contract COVID-19? It's true; restaurants can be a breeding ground for germs, placing your employees and customers at risk of certain diseases, viruses, bacteria, and contaminants. The last thing you want is customers or employees becoming sick. Plus, a failed health inspection could place you at risk of legal battles, and you could lose a lot of money.

How to Open a Restaurant - The 13-Steps Success Guide

October 15, 2021
If done right, any business owner can turn their initial investment into a hugely successful chain of restaurants. While it is possible to start small with limited resources, the more funding you have, the better your restaurant will be able to compete in the long run. Despite the obstacles that the food service industry currently faces, restaurants remain an essential component of the economy. There is always room for new food trends and new restaurants to satisfy changing consumer tastes.

Coldline ICE Series Undercounter Commercial Ice Machine Review

March 23, 2020
The Coldline ICE180 and 280 under-counter ice machines offer excellent quality to price value and a few features you wont find on ice machines costing twice the price.