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What is a Commercial Kitchen: Definition, Costs & Workflow

September 6, 2023
Kitchens have always been the heart of any home or establishment. Their functionality, design, and efficiency dictate the success of a meal or a culinary business. Dive in as we explore the intricacies of commercial kitchens and what makes them tick.

What is a Walk-in Freezer: Definition, Types, Cost & Uses

September 5, 2023

Walk-in freezers, pivotal to industries from food service to pharmaceuticals, have revolutionized cold storage. They offer a large-scale solution to preserving products at optimal temperatures, ensuring safety, longevity, and quality. In this comprehensive guide, we'll delve deep into the intricacies of walk-in freezers, from their construction to their varied applications and significance in various industries. 

What is a Reach-in Refrigerator: Definition, Types, Cost & Uses

September 5, 2023
The modern kitchen, whether in a bustling restaurant or a medical lab, boasts an impressive array of advanced equipment. At the heart of many of these spaces is the reach-in refrigerator, a staple that ensures perishables remain fresh and at optimal temperatures. In this guide, we delve deep into the workings, types, and best practices concerning reach-in refrigerators.

Should You Buy Restaurant Equipment Online: Tips, Pros & Cons

August 2, 2023
In today's age of digitization, even the culinary world is experiencing a transition from traditional purchasing methods to online buying, with restaurant equipment being no exception. This shift has introduced a new dynamic into the restaurant industry, offering a wide array of possibilities, as well as challenges, for restaurateurs aiming to set up or upgrade their establishments.

Buying New or Used Restaurant Equipment: All Things Considered

July 28, 2023
Investing in the right restaurant equipment is an essential aspect of starting or upgrading a restaurant business. When it comes to choosing between new and used restaurant equipment, there are several considerations to weigh. This comprehensive guide aims to provide a detailed insight into the benefits, drawbacks, and factors to consider when deciding between new and used restaurant equipment.

What Is a Salamander Oven: Definition, Features, Types & Benefits

July 23, 2023
For some people, the first thing that comes to mind when they hear "salamander" is a lizard, funny right? But true. For the sake of this article, let's bury that thought and open our minds to something new; this should be fun. In the food service, a salamander oven is used because of its ability to heat food fast. Salamanders are used for a variety of dishes, you'd be surprised at what you can achieve with a salamander oven.

How Much Does a Commercial Kitchen Cost: 18 Factors to Consider

July 23, 2023
A commercial kitchen is where all the magic happens, and it's no wonder restaurant owners take out their time to create the perfect commercial kitchen space. Designing a commercial kitchen goes beyond your normal home kitchen style, and without the proper experience, you might have a disaster on your end. Many factors go into building commercial kitchens, from the size of your kitchen to health and safety requirements. In this guide, we'll give you important tips on what's needed in crafting your "dream commercial kitchen" and of course, the cost estimate.

Leasing Restaurant Equipment: Advantages and Disadvantages

June 17, 2023
The success of any restaurant depends largely on the quality of the equipment in the kitchen. While buying new equipment is an option, it can also present a significant financial burden. As an alternative, leasing restaurant equipment has emerged as a viable solution for many foodservice businesses. This method of equipment financing allows new restaurants and even established ones to acquire the necessary equipment without committing a large chunk of their capital upfront.

Commercial Range Buying Guide: 12 Most Important Factors to Consider

June 7, 2023
Commercial ranges are popular for their versatility because they can accommodate grilling, boiling, frying, and baking. When it comes to how to choose a commercial range the list of options is endless, and it's easy to make the wrong pick. Read more to learn about the best commercial range for your catering business or restaurant.