Old Hickory N7E 35 Chicken Commercial Rotisserie Oven Machine, Electric

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Model # N7E
Manufacturer Old Hickory
Condition New
# of Chickens 28-35
# of Spits 7
Approval NSF, UL, CE
Length (in.) 45 2/7
Depth (in.) 25 1/4
Height (in.) 75.9 (with 5" casters)
Volts 208-240
Phase 3+N
Horsepower 1/3HP Individual Motors
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Heavy Duty Electric Restaurant Rotisserie Oven Machine for 35 Chickens
•Side hinge cover-covers components for a clean look
•Continous cooking
•Large wall of product merchandising
•Large drip pan for catching drippings
•Safety wire grid on bottom of rotissiere
•Gear mechanism out side of heat and grease zone

VENTILATION REQUIREMENTS: Please contact your local fire department or health inspector for ventilation requirements. Gas units will always require a hood. Electric units may or may not depending on your local codes.

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