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Old Hickory N7G 35 Chicken Commercial Rotisserie Oven Machine, Gas

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Heavy Duty 35 Chicken, 7 Spit Commercial Chicken Rotisserie Machine, built in the USA by Old Hickory. Cook rotisserie chicken, turkey, ribs, porchetta and more with the highest quality commercial rotisserie that you can buy.

Stainless Steel Standard. Colors optional

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Old Hickory
Old Hickory rotisserie machines are known for being among the highest in quality and versatility. With basket spits, smoke boxes and accessories available, the machines can be setup to cook anything from chicken, lamb, chicken parts, ribs, porchetta and even vegetables. Kitchenall is the official online distributor of Old Hickory Equipment.
Approvals: NSF, UL, CE
Warranty: 1 Year Parts and Onsite Service
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Spec Sheet

Product Specs

Brand Old Hickory
Model # N7G
Condition New
Width 45.3 (with spit handles)
Depth 25.3
Height 75.9 (with 5" casters)
BTU 120K
Volts 120
# of Chickens 28-35
# of Spits 7
Approval NSF, UL, CE
Warranty 1 Year Parts and Onsite Service


The Old Hickory N7G is the higest quality rotisserie Kitchenall offers. Built in the USA of heavy gauge 400 Series steel, and featuring high BTU burners with ceramic bricks for radiant cooking, we strongly recommend Old Hickory as the best investment of any machine on the market. The Old Hickory machines are known for high build quality, versatility, and of course, taste. 

Build Quality: The Old Hickory N7G is a workhorse that you should expect to count on day in and day out for many many years. These machines are also meant to be showed off to your customers, with beautiful glass display and available powder-coating you can show your customers how serious you are about chicken.

Versatility: The Old Hickory N7G is not just for chicken. Available accessories such as the turkey skewers or basket spit allow you to cook turkey, ribs, porchetta, chicken parts, even vegetables. The optional smoke box allows you to burn wood, charcoal, mesquite, or anything else to add a smokey flavor to your product.

Taste: Unlike most companies, The Old Hickory company hand builds only Rotisseries. That is their specialty and it will show in the end product. The units are designed and built and calibrated to produce the best flavor and in the end this is what your restaurant is here to provide. The high BTU burners heat up the ceramic bricks which then radiate and even heat across the unit for cooking. The Continuous cooking design means that you do not need to cook a whole batch at once and watch your product degrade in a warmer, instead you can add rows spit by spit over time, removing finished product as it becomes available, ensuring consistent continuous production all day, every day. 


•Side hinge cover-covers gas components for a clean look
•Continous cooking
•Large wall of product merchandising
•Individual gas control per burner
•Large drip pan for catching drippings
•Safety wire grid on bottom of rotissiere
•Gear mechanism out side of heat & grease zone

VENTILATION REQUIREMENTS: Gas units will require a hood or cone/flu ventilation. Applications may vary depending on your particular setup.


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