Old Hickory N14E 70 Chicken Commercial Rotisserie Oven Machine - Electric

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  • Continuous Cooking
  • 70 Chicken Capacity
  • Large Wall of Product Merchandising
  • Individual Gas Per Burner
  • Safety Grid
Manufacturer Old Hickory
Condition New
Length (in.) 38.50
Depth (in.) 31.25
Height (in.) 74
Height Detail (with 5" casters)
Volts 208-240
Hertz 60
Phase 3
Amps 44+71
Horsepower (2) 1/3 HP
Approval NSF, UL, CE
# of Chickens 60-70
# of Spits 5
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Commercial Use Only
  • Continuous Cooking
  • 70 Chicken Capacity
  • Large Wall of Product Merchandising
  • Individual Gas Per Burner
  • Safety Grid

Hickory's Model 14 is designed for larger food establishments. Hickory's unique, rotating spit method of barbecuing yields an evenly cooked, self-basted, moist, and tender product, in a way that "lazy-susans" and standard trays cannot. Hickory's barbecue ovens, with their stainless steel construction, have developed a reputation throughout the food industry for profitability, reliability, merchandising capability, and long service life. The unit features 14 spits with a capacity of 70 chickens per hour.


All of Hickory's vertical rotisseries offer the choice of "batch" or "continuous cook" roasting. In batch cooking, the unit is loaded from bottom to top, and then unloaded from top to bottom, providing the lowest spit with the most cooking time.

Hickory's "continuous cook" process is the most reliable method to deliver freshly cooked product to the consumer. The spits are loaded from top to bottom. Since heat's natural tendency is to rise, the top spit finishes cooking first and is removed. Each successive spit is then moved upwards one position, and an uncooked spit is added to the bottom of the rotisserie. The retailer can now deliver freshly cooked and delicious product to each customer, because the "continuous cook" methodology allows the rotisserie's production to correspond to demand.


Hickory's gas-fired rotisseries feature uniquely designed ceramic radiants which yield a truer barbecue appearance and taste. The self-merchandising, eye-catching display of rotating and roasting product is visible through large glass doors, and stimulates consumer appetites to generate increased impulse sales. The unit is open on both sides for eye-catching, 360 degree merchandising. It is ideal for placement near a window, where indoor and outdoor merchandising is effective.

Standard Features:

  • Continuous cooking
  • Large wall of product merchandising
  • Individual gas control per burner
  • Large drip pan for catching drippings
  • Safety grid on bottom of rotisserie
  • Gear mechanism out side of heat & grease zone

VENTILATION REQUIREMENTS: Electric units do not normally require air evacuation. However since the surrounding environment may get hot, a hood may be useful. Gas units must be vented under a hood.

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