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Leader CDL72 72" Refrigerated Deli Case with Gravity Coil Refrigeration

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72" Refrigerated Deli Display Case with Self Contained Compressor and Gravity Coil Refrigeration. Counter Height. Straight Slanted Glass. Stainless Steel Body.

Gravity coil refrigeration is ideal for keeping unpackaged meats and prepared foods from drying out. Fan refrigeration is a simpler system best used for covered or packaged foods.

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Leader Refrigeration
Leader Refrigeration is a Brooklyn, New York manufacturer of refrigerated bakery display cases, curved glass deli cases, and commercial reach-in refrigerators for restaurants and food service businesses. Customers buy Leader industrial refrigeration with self contained or remote compressors. Need a custom size made? Leader can custom build refrigerators, freezers, low boy and bain marie refrigeration, and display cases for your business.
Approvals: ETL, UL
Warranty: 2 Years, 5 Years Compressor
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Spec Sheet

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Product Specs

Brand Leader Refrigeration
For more info visit Leader Refrigeration site
Model # CDL72
Condition New
Length (in.) 72
Depth (in.) 34 (25" Top)
Height (in.) 45
Volts 115
Hz 60
Phase 1
HP 1/2
Refrigerant R-134a
# Shelves 1
Approval ETL, UL
Warranty 2 Year Warranty, 5 Year Compressor


The CDL Series refrigerated Deli case is a counter height, rear access, American made Display refrigerator featuring gravity coil refrigeration, perfect for deli meats and prepared foods that fan refrigeration will dry out. All Kitchenall sold units are made of stainless steel and include LED lighting and self contained compressors.

Each CDL stands 43" tall and includes 1 shelf plus the base level for displaying product. There is LED lighting at the top and under each shelf for beautiful presentation. The heavy duty stainless steel work top measures 27" front to back, providing plenty room to work, set equipment or other displays. The sliding rear glass doors are self closing and each unit has additional refrigerated storage, accessible through an additional rear door at the base of the unit.

Options include heavy duty pre-installed casters, and an upgraded Raw Meat refrigeration coil for displaying raw meats as a butcher case. Need a custom size? All CDL models can be custom built to your exact specifications at a reasonable cost, usually only a few hundred dollars.


1. Forced air systems

Forced air refrigeration systems depend on fans for circulating cool air in the entire cabinet. Such food display cabinets are the best option for storing packaged foods and baked goods. Fan based systems are simpler and operate with fewer problems over the long term.

2. Gravity coil systems

Gravity coil refrigeration systems are equipped with refrigeration coil at the top of the cabinet, which reduces air circulation helps in keeping food from drying out. These types of food cabinets are the best for storing raw meat, seafood, and meat or prepared foods that are not always packaged.


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