Star QCS2-1200B 15" Bagel Fast Conveyor Toaster - 1200 Bagel Halves per hour

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  • Heavy-Duty Metal Knobs
  • Heavy-Duty Feet
  • Compact Design
  • Easy to Use Control Panel
  • Variable Speed Control
  • Energy Efficient
Manufacturer Star
SKU QCS2-1200B
Condition New
Length (in.) 14.50
Depth (in.) 22.38
Height (in.) 15.63
Volts 208/240/220
Watts 3200
Amps 15.9/13.8/15.0
Approval NSF, UL
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Commercial Use Only
  • Heavy-Duty Metal Knobs
  • Heavy-Duty Feet
  • Compact Design
  • Easy to Use Control Panel
  • Variable Speed Control
  • Energy Efficient

Star Manufacturing provides standard & specialized products proudly made in Tennessee.

Known for Innovation, Technology and Performance, the Star Manufacturing Company is among the largest manufacturers of heavy duty commercial cooking equipment in the world.

Bagels - toast perfectly every time with Holman high quality bagel toasters. Choose from our most popular QCS2-1200B for toasting bagels all day. Or if you really need a high volume bagel toaster, con- sider our QCS3-1600B.

No matter how you slice it, Holman delivers high quality, reliable toasters. Stainless steel construction for long lasting durability. Heavy-duty motor, drive chain and conveyor speed control for superior reliability. Conveyor belt tension system for smooth and quiet operation. High performance quartz infrared heaters for superior toasting performance and reliability. Units are easy to disassemble with one-piece cover for cleaning and service. Toasters are furnished with 1" adjustable legs and 4' cord.

Standard Features

  • Holman’s forced convection system keeps the toaster cool to the touch and extends the life of critical components. The forced convection increases productivity by circulating pre-heated air into toasting chamber.
  • Quartz infrared heaters provide faster, more consistent heating than traditional heating elements and toasts bagels and English muffins in seconds!
  • Space saving design - our forced convection system allows the unit to be placed against a wall. Other toasters have louvers requiring additional counter space.
  • High performance - QCS2-1200B produces 1200 bagel halves per hour. QCS3-1600B produces up to 1600 bagel halves per hour.
  • Easy to use control panel takes the guesswork out of speed control settings.
  • Toasts bagels and English muffins in seconds!
  • Variable speed control for perfect color and texture of bagels and English muffins!
  • Energy efficient operation with power saver switch that reduces electricity consumption by 75%. Plus our quartz heaters return to full power in seconds vs. minutes for metal-sheathed elements.
  • Extended conveyor belt for easy loading and large warming area for higher production.
  • Safe load up area with full width front burn guard and cool to the touch exterior.
  • "Smart" crumb tray keeps the breadcrumbs from falling under the toaster.
  • Heated holding area to keep toast at the perfect temperature.
  • Hi-limit switch prevents toaster from overheating protecting critical component parts.
  • 24 hours 7 days a week technical support by Star technicians.
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