Skyfood Z8 Shredding Disc 5/16'' (8 mm)

Manufacturer Skyfood
Condition New
Unit Weight (lb.) 1.50 lb
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Commercial Use Only

Skyfood Shredding Disc 5/16'' (8 mm)

Shredding Disc

Using the power of centrifugal force, the Fleetwood MASTER model keeps producing shredded products as quickly as you are in need of them! And now with the Fleetwood replacement 5/16 in. shredding disc, you'll never have to worry about your Skymsen MASTER model being obsolete due to worn out discs. This is because the Fleetwood replacement shredding disc is specifically made for Skymsen MASTER models. Do yourself a favor and add this shredding disc to your repertoire today.

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