Best Commercial Dishwasher

The 11 Best Commercial Dishwashers in 2022

July 3, 2022

Commercial dishwashers clean dishes, cutlery, glasses, plates, and cooking utensils in commercial kitchens. Also known as industrial dishwashers, these machines help you clean dishes and save money.

There are different models, sizes, various designs, features, and specifications. Top commercial dishwashers wash and rinse dishes accurately and quickly and most of them come with built-in detergent and rinse aid dispensers.

You must make the right choice when purchasing a commercial dishwasher, as quality is one of the main things that guarantee trouble-free operation.

There are several brands and many different models of commercial dishwashers to pick from. The good news is that we will help ensure you get one well-suited for your business.

What Are The Different Types Of Commercial Dishwashers

Most commercial dishwashers will be conveyor, undercounter, or door type. Some are a combination of conveyor and door-type.

Undercounter Commercial Dishwashers

An under-counter dishwasher is the most popular type of dishwasher for smaller businesses because it has a compact design to enable you to clean dishes as you go and save some counter space. An undercounter dishwasher cleans up to 25 dishes at a go, so you will never run out of clean dishes.

These machines come with different controls and displays to help you wash dishes more efficiently. Undercounter dishwashers don't take up much space in your kitchen as they can fit under the countertop. If you run a small cafe or restaurant, this is the ideal model.

Whether you are looking for low-temperature machines or high-temperature models, there is surely an undercounter dishwasher that will suit your needs.

An undercounter commercial dishwasher has a price range of $2,100 to $5,200.

Conveyor, Door-Type Dishwashers

The conveyor, door-type commercial dishwashers give you the best of both worlds as they combine both technologies to create an efficient machine. So let us take a look at these two types of dishwashers.

Conveyor dishwashers

A conveyor commercial dishwasher is made for high-volume commercial kitchens because it can wash as many dishes as 100 per day. Most conveyor dishwashers have stainless steel construction, which means they can handle heavy use. A conveyor dishwasher will most likely come with controls and microprocessors to enable you to set washing conditions easily.

You can find both low-temp and high-temp conveyor dishwashers that are energy-star certified. A durable stainless steel commercial dishwasher is just what a large kitchen needs.

Door-Type Dishwashers

This kind of commercial dishwasher is smaller than conveyor models. It is a reliable machine that requires you to load up a rack of dishes, shut the door, turn it on, and let it do its job. Its compact design means your kitchen will still have enough space.

With this type of commercial dishwasher, you can wash and rinse up to 1000 dishes per day. So it is ideal for big restaurants and establishments.

A door-type commercial dishwasher is on the pricier side. Prices range from $4,800 to $16,000.

Which Is The Best Commercial Dishwasher?

Choosing the best dishwasher for your business can be a bit confusing. We've examined various countertop dishwasher models, the quietest dishwashers, and larger models to compile this list of the best commercial dishwashers.

Best Under Counter Dishwashers: Fagor CO-402W 19" Undercounter Bar Glass Washer

This is our top pick for the best undercounter commercial dishwasher and glass washer because it has enough power to do all the dishes in a restaurant or cafe. This commercial dishwasher comes with an Effi-wash system that uses clean tank water and robust mechanical action to sanitize and clean dishes. When operating, it's unobtrusive, as wash cycles start quietly and slowly.

It also comes with user-friendly access, a digital temperature display, and an IPX4 rating to protect against external humidity. This ware/glass washer incorporates a durable stainless steel commercial interior. Its door is designed to reduce noise as it is double-skinned.

This best commercial undercounter dishwasher has all you need from drain pumps, a pressure gauge, a multi-connection box, and digital controls.


  • Stainless steel construction

  • Can handle 22 racks per hour

  • Quiet operation

  • Compact design fits in tight spaces


  • Height: 29.1 inches

  • Depth: 20 3/5 inches

  • Length: 18 1/2 inches

Price: $2,195

Honorable Mentions

Fagor COP-504W 24" Commercial High Temp Undercounter Dishwasher

Fagor has a strong reputation and is known for making top-notch commercial appliances, and they certainly didn't disappoint here. The internal booster heater keeps the water hot enough to cleanse dishes in such a way that cold water can't.

You also get to save more space with this dishwasher as it is one of the smaller models from this brand. The stainless steel construction gives this dishwasher a premium and stylish look.

  • Built-in pressure pump

  • Energy-star qualified

  • Double-skin sides and counterbalanced insulated door

Price: $2,895

Fagor CO-500W 24" High-Temp Commercial Undercounter Dishwasher

This is another groundbreaking commercial dishwasher from Fagor that provides a very effective and efficient washing and rinsing system. It ensures the perfect sanitation temperature, thanks to its balanced power.

It features low water usage for wash cycles and gives the best results by utilizing its built-in water pressure pump. It doesn't emit much noise during operation, and wares/glasses are totally safe from damage.

  • It comes with an optimized hydraulic system

  • Digital control panel

  • Stainless steel construction

Price: $2,695

Jet Tech F-16DP 20" Undercounter High-Temperature Glass and Dish Washer

The Jet Tech brand is also famous for making excellent undercounter models. This dishwasher will make your life easier, thanks to its many features. It can wash up to 24 racks per hour. Its drainage system is also top-notch.

  • Integrated front control panel with analog temperature gauges

  • Fully automatic

  • Double-wall stainless steel construction

Price: $3,546

Jet Tech F-14 20" Countertop Compact Multi-Purpose Glass and Dish Washer

With its stainless steel construction and sleek design, this affordable dishwasher offers everything you need in an undercounter dishwasher. Equipped with dual thermostats and digital controls, you will have your dishes washed with ease.

  • In-built detergent and rinse additive pump

  • Energy-star rated

  • Insulated top and side panels

Price: $2,666

Jet Tech F-18DP 24" Undercounter High-Temp Dishwasher

This dishwasher can clean lots of dirty dishes and doesn't waste time doing so. It has digital temperature displays and a built-in booster for rinsing to make the work faster. This dishwasher will come in handy if you are operating a small kitchen.

  • Can handle 24 standard dish racks per hour

  • Auto-drain pump

  • Electric tank heater

Price: $4,346

Best Conveyor, Door Type Dishwashers: Fagor COP-174W 26" Commercial High Temp Hood Type Dishwasher

Our top choice for the best conveyor, door type commercial dishwasher certainly has a lot to offer most commercial kitchens. With this dishwasher, you can rest assured that dishes, glasses, or flatware you run through it will come out sparkling, thanks to its dual Effi-wash and Effi-rinse systems. It has the highest capacity and will definitely facilitate a thorough clean.

The in-built detergent and rinse pumps work with fresh water and mechanical action to wash dishes, and then the air-brake system and pressure pump ensure a full rinse cycle to leave you with super clean dishes.

The Fagor COP-174W can take up to 60 racks per hour. It has a digital control panel that displays the temperature while the counterbalanced hood engages a magnetic switch. It is also IPX4 rated, meaning it can withstand water contact and heavy use.


  • Energy star qualified

  • IPX4 electronic controls

  • Water pressure pump

  • Built-in detergent and rinse aid dispenser


  • Height: 60.6 inches

  • Depth: 30 1/9inches

  • Length: 26 inches

Price: $4,895

Honorable Mentions

Jet-Tech 757-EV 26" High Hood High-Temperature Ventless Door-Type Dishwasher

This dishwasher features mounted controls, including soft-touch buttons, an LED interface, and more intelligent software to take dishwashing to a different level. Also, dishes are protected from breakage or harm thanks to the soft-start system.

  • Steam recovery system

  • An automatic and self-cleaning drain system

Price: $13,596

Eurodib L25EKDPS - Lamber Dishwasher

With this dishwasher, you get the benefits of a door-type and conveyor dishwasher. It is an upright type and provides impeccable service.

  • Auto drain pump

  • Can handle 60 racks per hour

Price: $11,175

Eurodib L21EKS - Lamber Dishwasher

When it comes to dishwashing, this premium dishwasher does the work fast. It is loaded with many features such as a soft-touch electronic control, built-in booster, digital thermometer, and more.

  • Energy star qualified

  • Can handle 60 racks per hour

  • Detergent pump and rinse aid dispenser

Price: $8,382

Jet Tech 757-E 26" High Hood Door Type Dishwasher High-Temp Dishwasher

This model comes with advanced service features to clean dishes quickly and ensure your business always has clean dishware. You will maximize your profit with extremely low electrical and water consumption.

  • Smart auto diagnostic system

  • Digital temp display

  • Front-mounted programmable controls

Price: $7,578

Which Are The Best Commercial Dishwasher Brands?

There are lots of brands of commercial dishwashers in the market, and you need to make your selection from the best choices out there. These are the top brands you can pick from:

  • Fagor

  • Eurodib

  • Jet Tech

While there are other commercial dishwashers you can opt for, you can be sure that a dishwasher from any brand above is of the best quality.

What Are The Most Important Factors To Look Into When Selecting A Commercial Dishwasher?

Before you choose one of the best commercial dishwashers, there are some factors you need to look out for to ensure you make an excellent choice and not the wrong one. Let us look at the top things to consider to ensure you buy the right commercial dishwasher. Use this as a general guide for purchasing one of the best commercial dishwashers that makes the most sense.

Size and Capacity

The size of your business will determine the proper commercial dishwasher to get. If you don't need to clean lots of dishes, opt for an undercounter dishwasher. It is a compact dishwasher identical to residential dishwashers and can easily fit under your counter. These models are perfect for small kitchens. Its cleaning capacity is at least 35 racks per hour and should be enough for small restaurants, daycare centers, and other small businesses.

If you run a bigger business, you should go for the conveyor dishwashers; they are large and can wash up to 1000 racks per day, ideal for busy restaurants and cafeterias.

Ease of Use

Many of the best commercial dishwashers are easy to use as they come with one-button or two-step simple controls. If you run a busy kitchen area, then the operation of any appliance should be easy.

While most new commercial dishwasher models are easy to use, you need to keep your machine in optimal condition. Pay attention to the type of dishwasher and its pre-washing, loading, and wash cycle instructions. Also, keep in mind that it still requires a sensible and systematic use policy to operate properly.


The upfront and ongoing costs of running many commercial dishwashers need to be considered. For low-temperature models, you will need to buy chemicals on a regular basis. And high-temperature models naturally have a high running cost due to the amount of energy they consume.

It is highly recommended that you don't skimp on cost. For example, going for a space-saving undercounter dishwasher when your business has a high demand could lead to a disaster.

You should get one of these commercial appliances based on your budget and business needs.


There are two types of commercial dishwashers based on temperature. The main difference between these two is in their sanitizing process.

High-Temperature Dishwashers

Many customers will argue that this type of dishwasher is the ideal choice to sanitize dishes and glasses used for serving and cooking. This dishwasher type utilizes hot water in its rinse cycle to get rid of additional food waste, which means it won't discolor or corrode your utensils.

With high-temp dishwashers, dishes are sprayed with water exceeding 180 F, so a surface temperature of 160 F can be achieved. This water temperature can eliminate all bacteria and any stubborn stains so long as it is sustained for 10 seconds. The high-temperature dishwasher can reach these temperatures because it uses an external or built-in booster heater.

Also, dishes dry faster as the water evaporates at a faster rate.

Low-Temperature Dishwashers

These types of dishwashers make use of chemicals like iodine, chlorine, or ammonium to clean dishes. These chemicals are totally safe to use. This type of dishwasher is easy to install and costs less than its high-temperature counterparts.

While it is more energy-efficient, chemical sanitation can affect the flavor of delicate menu items and drinks. It could also lead to discoloration and corrosion of serving and cookware materials.

Noise Level

A busy establishment will have ambient noise, and the kitchen produces the most with the conversations and clatter of dishes. Workplace health is directly affected by background noises.

These noises can affect sleep, cause hypertension, and raise stress levels, so it makes sense to check the noise output of the dishwasher before you purchase. The noise output is published openly on the machines. Expect large models to be noisier.

Cleaning Speed

If you run a busy kitchen on a daily basis, chances are you are familiar with the speed and tension that comes with it. In this case, you should consider the wash cycle time of the dishwasher. You should expect a commercial dishwasher to have wash cycles in the range of 1-2 minutes.

Capacity and speed mostly go together. Typically, the larger the dishwasher, the faster the cycle time, which means the machine cleans dirty dishes faster. Time matters in busy kitchens.

Energy Costs

Water and energy are the two resources used by all machines. High-capacity and high-volume dishwashers indeed consume more, but you don't have to settle for just that.

You can find high-quality models that are energy efficient. While ensuring that you get a high-capacity dishwasher, you can still use less energy and save money in the process. These models have an energy saver mode, which you can utilize when idle, and also other low-energy settings that you can use. Some commercial dishwasher types have low water usage but still clean dishes efficiently.

Go for an energy-star rated dishwasher as they are more energy-efficient and use less water.


High-quality commercial dishwashers clean dishes perfectly as that's their job. So, it is up to you to maintain it and keep it in good condition. Any commercial kitchen dishwasher will require care and maintenance to keep it working as it is supposed to. You need to consider the number of times you will need to maintain the machine and the cost of maintenance.

You must understand the requirements of your dishwasher before you invest in one of them.


With so many dishwashers on the market, it can be tough to decide which one is right for your business. If you're in the market for a commercial dishwasher, first consider the size of your operation. Are you a small cafe or a large restaurant? The number of dishes you'll need to wash will play a big role in determining the size and capacity of the dishwasher you need.

Second, think about the type of dishes you'll be washing. If you're mainly washing glassware and plates, you'll need a machine with a gentler cycle. However, if you're washing heavier pots and pans, you'll need a machine with more power.

Third, consider your budget. Commercial dishwashers can range in price from a few thousand dollars upwards, so it's important to set a realistic budget before you start shopping.

Getting all the debris off the dishes with a dish/ware washer is just what you need to get your customers to keep coming back. It will also save you money on food safety requirements and labor costs.

In this article, we have saved you the stress of going through endless commercial dishwasher reviews before making your purchase.

Whether for coffee shops, high-class restaurants, or other busy establishments, the best dishwashers with the right features and optimal efficiency are on this list and will be an excellent addition to your kitchen.

By keeping these factors in mind, you'll be sure to choose the best commercial dishwasher for your business.