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Air Cooled Vs Water Cooled Ice Machines - Shop The Best of 2019 And Beyond

Air Cooled Vs Water Cooled Ice Machines - Shop The Best of 2019 And Beyond

October 2, 2019

Water Cooled Or Air Cooled Ice Machine Whats Better And Why

Commercial ice machines are a flooded market with misinformation. This blog post will break down why and when you need a water cooled commercial ice machine or when you need an air cooled commercial ice machine. There are several advantages and disadvantages to each type of commercial ice machine. The commercial ice machine market has two popular types of models/motor types.

Water Cooled Commercial Ice Machine

Water cooled commercial ice machine are less popular than air cooled commercial ice machines The majority of people tend to not buy a water cooled commercial ice machine because they require more to get working properly. For example, water cooled ice machines need some type of a water line running through them. Often you will find that your kitchen is already using its water lines and that utilizing a commercial water cooled ice machine is just impossible with the current layout of your kitchen.


Depending on where you are located a water cooled commercial ice machine will cost more money to operate due to being forced to pay for the water that is pumped through the machine.

Air Cooled Commercial Ice Machine

Air cooled commercial ice machines are optimal for people who do not have a way to pump water through an ice machine. Most people who do not have some sort of spicket or faucet to use for their ice machine use an Air cooled machine. Air cooled machines have a tendency to be cheaper to run and operate. Air cooled machines are cheaper because they use moisture from the air to substitute water usage.


Air cooled commercial ice machines tend to be cheaper because you can avoid the cost of water itself.

When You Need A Commercial Ice Machine

Plenty of business need a commercial ice machine to work properly. The majority of people who think they need a commercial ice machine most likely do. Most restaurant owners will need an ice machine that can keep up with the demand of their store. This would be impossible with a traditional ice machine.


You will need a commercial ice machine if you are going to serve some type of iced drinks, keep anything cold or use them as a way to serve foods such as oysters. Ice in your kitchen is an important ingredient to have in your kitchen arsenal. There are times where just a small amount of ice will save certain foods from going bad or not.


In short if your business needs to reliently have ice in some capacity or another you need to have a water or air cooled commercial ice machine.

Reasons To Use A Water Cooled Ice Machine

Water cooled Ice machines are always a good choice if you have the right amount of water with the proper setup. Water cooled ice machines tend to be on the more industrial side. Water cooled ice machines are also better to use than air cooled ice machines so long as you have a low water cost.


There is another optional step that makes a water cooled ice machine worth using. Ice machines will sometimes have a cooling tower to reduce water waste. Cooling towers will help regulate the water that the machine is using and will offer a better energy and cleaning rating. People can also buy an ice machine cooling tower to upgrade their machines.


Another great place to potentially use a water cooled ice machine would be in a non climate controlled environment. A good example would be an outdoor bar or some type of area that doesn't have air conditioning.


Reasons to use an Air cooled Ice machine

Air cooled Ice machines are the more popular choice for most people looking for a commercial ice machine. The reason being is that they are cheaper to use. People will often overlook the fact that if you have a commercial ice machine in a climate controlled area you do not necessarily need to have a water cooled ice machine.


An air cooled Ice machine should only be used in a dust and grease free environment. People forget how important that having clean air can be for an air cooled ice machine.You can still use a commercial air cooled ice machine in an environment that has “dirty” air. The dirty air will get in your ice and affect the flavor of the ice that the machine creates.


Reducing your energy costs is one of the most popular reasons to use an Air cooled ice machine instead of a water cooled ice machine. The more energy efficient the machine is the less it costs to run. Typically these Air cooled ice machines are more environmentally friendly as well.

How to shop for a commercial ice machine

Commercial ice machines are widely available online. There are some tips and tricks of the trade that would make shopping for an ice machine very simple. You can follow this checklist to make sure that you are buying the right ice machine.


There are two types of ice machines on the market. Air cooled and Water cooled. Different machines have different pros and cons. The majority of people will purchase an air cooled ice machine. If you want t oget started shopping for something specific start with air cooled.


Shopping for a commercial ice machine is easy. You can browse some of the air cooled machines here and some of the water cooled ice machines here. If you still have further questions please do not hesitate to call.