Electric Cheese Graters

Shred large quantities of cheese quickly and more efficiently with an electric cheese grater. Restaurant cheese graters are a valuable addition to any commercial kitchen. These units make it possible for your staff to easily grate cheese on demand. Because they deliver unparalleled consistency and operator control for industrial cheese grating applications, electric cheese shredders are ideal for delis, pizzerias, sandwich shops, salad bars, and restaurants. Whether you're pinched for time or looking for an easier way to grate large volumes of your favorite cheese to store for later use, an electric grater is the right equipment. We have a large variety of these units available at the lowest prices. 

Bringing a motorized cheese grater to your establishment is a great way to reduce the amount of time spent on food preparation. These units eliminate the time-consuming hassle of having to grate cheese with a hand shredder. They are also much safer, allowing your staff to process large quantities of cheese without the risk of cutting their fingers. Because they are highly efficient operators, commercial graters can even make bread crumbs out of whole loaves for mixing into veggie burgers, cheese bakes, macaroni, and other foods. Many units are made from stainless steel that offers unmatched durability. Choose the right power rating to find the right option for the needs of your establishment. We have a compact unit for low-volume needs, as well as versatile performers for high-volume outlets. Commercial electric cheese graters available in the Kitchenall inventory can handle hard cheeses like parmesan, asiago, and cheddar.