Commercial Pasta Cookers / Boilers

Boil and cook pasta more quickly and efficiently with a commercial pasta cooker machine. This commercial equipment is ideal for Asian and Italian restaurants because they prepare large amounts of "al dente" pasta and please guests in less time.

In addition to cooking pasta, these machines will quickly and easily prepare noodles of every kind. Commercial pasta cookers use gas or electricity heat to cook all types of pasta and similar items to perfection.

Pasta cookers come in a wide variety of capacities to accommodate your volume of sales. Choose from gas or electric pasta cookers. Many of our customers prefer gas pasta cookers because they are more efficient and less costly to operate. For restaurants where all other equipment is electric, an electric model may be the best choice. Some customers also consider the brand when purchasing a commercial pasta cooker. At Kitchenall, we carry multiple units from American Range, Axis, Globe, Imperial, and other top pasta cooker brands