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Meat Slicers

Slice deli meats, vegetables, and cheese more efficiently with heavy-duty commercial deli meat slicers.
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Slice deli meats, vegetables, and cheese more efficiently with heavy-duty commercial deli meat slicers.

Kitchenall has a variety of commercial and industrial meat slicers in stock, perfect for light to heavy applications. Kitchenall is your one-stop shop for all restaurant equipment and meat slicer needs.

Need to slice deli lunch meats, cheeses, or thicker cuts? We have the equipment to meet your needs for any slicing job. Manual or automatic models with safety features and blades to slice the food products you serve.

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Slice items more efficiently and easily with heavy-duty commercial slicers. A commercial meat slicer can handle various tasks, including slicing thick meat, bread, and vegetables. 

A high-quality slicer is an essential piece of equipment that delis and restaurants depend on. We have the right equipment for sale that saves you time and money when slicing.

How to Choose the Best Commercial Meat Slicer

We have a variety of slicers, from light-duty to versatile heavy-duty models suitable for the busiest foodservice outlets. Our slicers deliver more even and consistent slices than by hand with a knife.

How do you find the best slicer for your business? Purchasing the best model comes down to construction, the blade diameter, power, and drive mechanism. Focus on your priorities!


Aluminum - typically low-to-medium volume use. Stainless steel - high-volume cutting jobs, easy to clean.

Blade Size

The blades determine what products the machine is designed to slice. Small 9 inch, medium 10 inch, or over 12 inches.

  • Small blades are easy to operate and ideal for slicing cheese and meat.

  • Medium blades can slice meat and other products for longer.

  • Large blades can slice a wide array of products continuously and consistently.


Small units, ⅕ horsepower (HP), are suitable for small delis and similar establishments.

High-volume restaurants and grocery stores that need a more powerful unit for frequent use can benefit from a machine with a ¼ HP or ⅓ HP motor.

An industrial meat slicer typically has a ½ HP motor and produces hundreds of slices per minute, and will function all day, all week, no problem!

Drive Type

Professional deli slicers are either gear or belt-driven. What are the differences?

Advantages of belt drive: more popular, less expensive.

Advantages of gear drive: more powerful, rugged, can withstand the test of daily wear and tear and need less maintenance and service.


Automatic vs. manual commercial meat slicer?

Commercial deli slicers come in two types - Manual and automatic models.

Manual slicers require an operator and are popular with small delis, sandwich shops, and restaurants that need a precise cut based on the menu requirement.

Automatic slicers reduce slicing time, labor, and the risks of contact with sharp edges when manually slicing food products. You'll learn quickly that bulk cutting work is more efficient when automated.

Some models offer manual/automatic mode operation.

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